Mississippi “Personhood” Vote Could Go Either Way

Tomorrow, voters in Mississippi will go to the polls and decide whether or not to approve a constitutional amendment that is likely to ban abortion in all cases, including rape, incest, and anything but a life-threatening medical emergency, would possibly ban all chemical forms of birth control and IUDs, and could drastically reduce the availability and types of infertility treatments.

And at this point, there is no clear idea if the amendment is going to pass or not.

Initiative 26, the constitutional amendment that would define an egg at the moment of fertilization to have the same legal rights as a person, has become one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in the country.  Now, just hours before the polls will open, support of the amendment appears to be evenly split.   According to a recent poll, 45 percent of Mississippi voters support the initiative, and 44 oppose it.  That leaves 11 percent who still haven’t made up their minds.

The lack of any sort of exception for cases of rape has one former victim incensed.  Christen Hemmins, an advocate against the amendment, told CBS News, “People on the ‘yes’ side keep saying to me, ‘Well, don’t punish the baby, punish the rapist.’ But what they leave out of that equation is me.  If this had been in place, and I had gotten pregnant, I wouldn’t have had any options. I would have been forced by the state government to bear a child, which might have killed me, physically, if not emotionally.”

And medical professional are also concerned that if the amendment passes, they will be unable to deal with conditions like ectopic pregnancies before a woman’s life is actually at risk. “If that pregnancy continues to grow, it can rupture and kill the woman. By ending the life of the ectopic pregnancy, I would be committing homicide,” one doctor stated.

If the amendment passes, it will be the first in the nation to do so.  Other “personhood” amendments have failed, most recently in Colorado, where voters have voted against it twice.


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Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Birth control pills wouldn't be affected - duh - they PREVENT OVULATION!!! Which is beside the point of this ridiculously laughable idea.

Tom Y.
Tom Y6 years ago

Another nail in the coffin of the Sexual Revolution! The fact is, sex has consequences. That's why it needs a strong relational framework in which to occur. If people want it, they should structure a stable relationship in which to indulge it. That's where children best thrive.

This measure is one step. It'll work best in tandem with the restoration of honour for the institution of marriage, and a strong sense of shame for those who insist on sex first, sex only, with no thought for consequences.

Barbara S.

Thankfully, wiser decisions have defeated this outrageous issue. But it will come back - in Mississippi, and in several other states which are going to get this same kind of atrocity on voters' ballots. People need to know what a Law such as this will entail... ectopic pregnancies which will likely kill more mothers and fetuses than it saves; more babies born with birth defects to both young and older women; more unwanted children to be abused, either by their parents or in foster care; and what about those frozen embryos? Will the parents be forced to have them implanted because they can no longer be disposed of? Or will the parents have to take responsibility for finding potential people to carry and give birth to them? Will they become Black Market sales items? A Law like this would open up so many cans of worms, it's truly impossible to name them all. I'm glad the people of Mississippi used their common sense. And I hope all other states will do the same.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan6 years ago

Pro Choice! It should be up to the person, all you jerks that are pro life, then pay for all the medical expence, put the child thru college & etc. are you folks going to adopt the child.

Anne K.
Anne K6 years ago

Well, at least Mississippi will be a meat-free vegetarian state, right? If terminating (euthanizing) a fetus is unlawful, surely murdering a sentient being such as a cow, pig, or chicken is unlawful.

Robert Rufa
Robert Rufa6 years ago

Personhood supporters insist there are plenty of people ready to adopt unwanted babies. Very well -- put their names on a registry of potential adopters.

Mandi A.
Amanda A6 years ago

Scary.. I was hoping for something different

Mary Swan
Mary S6 years ago

I expect that every educated, thinking, freedom loving woman in the state of Mississippi will be looking to relocate to another state, if this legislation is passed. Possibly another country the way things appear to be going.

I find it quite unbelievable that there are close to 50% of the population of Mississippi in support of this draconian legislation. To ban abortion would be harmful to women, but to go the extra step of making most contraception illegal and make every natural (GOD GIVEN) case of miscarriage a potential homicide investigation is nothing short of insane. I would like to say that it will never pass, but I no longer have any faith that the good, honest, hardworking sane, freedom loving Americans will prevail.

Catt R.
Catt R6 years ago

Tierney G.
you hit the nail on the head !!! There is a SCOTUS judge that has already called a meeting with the GOP that explains he has noticed women are not specifically mentioned, that is says ALL MEN are created equal. He says he believes women having rights and even being allowed to vote is strictly unconstitutional...... you can be sure the GOP had to go home and change their clothes after that meeting.

*******strange connection comes to mind here************
In my recent explorations I have discovered that the first Muslims were persecuted and murdered BECAUSE THEY INSISTED WOMEN WERE EQUAL.......
hmmmmmmm is THAT why the GOP and other right wing people in the US are today persecuting the Muslims? and is that why so many of the so-called 'Christian' churches are following suit?? Let me say, if YOU do worship the one true God, you certainly do not preach hatred..... what are you hearing from those you trust to give you messages from God? .... each group of true believers does have evil doers that falsely claim to be a believer WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Mel F.
Mel Fleming II6 years ago

The writers of the constitution wrote this for people who were born and living,(although it preferred white male land owners), not the unborn. Men of the 18th century, could not have envisioned rights of the unborn. Medical and pregnancy issues were not on their minds. A fetus doesn't vote. A fetus cannot use sentient qualities, such as cognitive recognition, A fetus has no personality characteristics. This bill was ill-conceived and certainly has no scientific, or social value whatsoever. it does however, have political capital for those who wrote it. but this country cannot be run on political capital