Missouri Lawmaker Beheads Chicken … to Make a Point About Abortion

Debate continues to rage between pro-life and pro-choice activists about when life begins and must be protected. One topic that hasn’t been considered? The similarities between abortion and chicken slaughter. Well, now, thanks to one Missouri legislator, that is up for discussion.

In what was no doubt the most bizarre moment of last week, anti-abortion GOP state legislator Mike Moon prepared for the new “nothing but abortion” special session of the Missouri legislature by killing a chicken — and posting the video on Youtube.

“When the governor called for the second special session this year, I was right in the middle of my summer job. But like any good career politician, when I get the call (breaks to behead chicken), I’m going back to work,” Rep. Moon said on his video, according to the Missouri Times. ”God gave us man dominion over life. He allows us to raise animals properly and care for them and then process them for food so we can sustain life. And that’s what I’m doing here with this chicken. So we’ve been called back to this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically. I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here (pulls out chicken’s heart). So today, I’m filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri and I hope you’ll support it.”

Moon later told reporters that he wasn’t really trying to compare butchering a chicken to abortion, despite the video’s message.

“In an interview with the News-Leader, Moon said he doesn’t understand how people could infer that he was making a comparison between terminating a fetus and butchering a bird,” reports Will Schmidt of the Springfield News-Leader. ”Moon acknowledged that he was trying to convey a message about abortion: in his mind, his fellow Republicans have not been willing to take a ‘hard vote’ on banning abortion. When Moon grabbed the chicken’s heart — while talking about ‘getting to the heart of the matter’ — that was his way of saying that regulating abortions to make sure they occur in clean facilities is not enough. He wants abortion to stop in Missouri and filed a bill to try and make that happen.”

Moon’s example may have been horrifying and completely unnecessary, but he is far from the only politician to compare abortion and animal welfare — often to the detriment of the pregnant people wanting a termination.

Previously, an Alabama legislator complained that people could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for destroying a bald eagle egg, yet women can’t be thrown in jail for terminating their pregnancies.

Abortion opponents in Massachusetts have complained that vet offices require a license to operate, while abortion clinics do not, stating, “Don’t you want to treat a woman who was in a crisis better than a dog or cat?”

And the Illinois legislature used to be a big fan of sending abortion restriction bills through the farming and agriculture committee, essentially equating those who could get pregnant to livestock.

While Moon may have been the most explicit of them all when he said directly stated, ”God gave man dominion over life,” he is only saying what so many far-right social conservative lawmakers believe: it is a man’s job to make decisions about “life.”

So thank you to Moon for teaching us a real — albeit extremely graphic — lesson about what is really at the “heart” of the anti-abortion movement: man’s complete and utter control, be it over livestock or women.

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Lisa M
Lisa Mabout a month ago

Someone should behead him to make a point about killing animals! I have more regard for the life of a germ than this piece of human garbage. Furthermore, not only should abortion be legal, I wish the invasive human parasitic species could be spayed and neutered.

Marie W
Marie W3 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Melania P
Melania Padilla7 months ago

What a moron, petition already signed

Amanda M
Amanda M7 months ago

The idiot in Alabama who compared eagle's eggs to unwanted pregnancies fails to realize one important fact. There are far fewer eagles than people on this planet-in fact, eagles only recently came off the endangered species list, but are still a protected species! There are over SEVEN BILLION people on this planet...you do the math. What these anti-choice MEN still don't get is that women are PEOPLE. We are not tongueless brood mares, or the "property" of men, and our right to bodily autonomy doesn't stop when a pregnancy starts. We have the right to say for ourselves when and how many kids to have, and if the pregnancy is unwanted or medically doomed, it's far more humane to let us abort than to force us to stay pregnant No Matter What. And since men can't get pregnant, frankly they don't deserve any say on the subject whatsoever!

Jennifer H
Jennifer H8 months ago

And to think...it is psychopaths like this that are running the country. The guy has really gone over the deep end. ”God gave us man dominion over life. He allows us to raise animals properly and care for them and then process them for food so we can sustain life." AND MAN is failing miserably.

William Eaves
William Eaves8 months ago

This man is sick and twisted. He gets upset if a few cells are aborted, yet cruelly murders a living conscious bird that will feel pain and experience fear.

These over religious nutters obviously have no compassion, and are ignorant uneducated zealots.

Diana T
Diana T8 months ago

He's a Sick,Twisted Freak.What if a giant wanted to hang him upside down&pull his head off his body so the giant could feel "superior"?He's also Dangerous!

JACQUI GLYDE8 months ago

I just hope this creep of a human doesn't breed.

Carl R
Carl R9 months ago


Jerome S
Jerome S9 months ago