Moderate, Independent Women Voters: Women’s Issues Are Economic Issues

EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics held a conference call and webinar with EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock, WOMEN VOTE! Director Denise Feriozzi, and Democratic pollster Lisa Grove, and members of the press to announce new research into moderate, independent women voters in battleground states. The results confirm that a Republican agenda of attacking women’s rights is not only alienating women voters, it’s actively turning them against the party.

For this election cycle, EMILY’s List’s research focused on moderate, independent, women without college degrees. These findings are the first round of that work and the results of targeted online focus group discussions. The women surveyed made it clear they feel Washington is out of touch with their lives. They believe Congress is broken, ineffective, mired in obstructive partisanship – and the images they attached to that were largely male. They’re incensed at the intrusion on women’s health and believe the wrong issues are being prioritized.

And they are right.

“Women know that the Republicans in Congress just don’t get it,” said Schriock. “Women want to be talking about jobs, not birth control. The women EMILY’s List spoke to are clear about what they want. When they talk about new leadership, they’re talking about collaborators who understand their lives. And their descriptions line up strikingly with the candidates EMILY’s List is supporting this year.”

A consistent thread in the results of the research is that women understand the attacks on their rights are attacks on their most basic abilities to provide for their families. That is, women’s rights are the basic core of domestic policy. When the Republicans unveiled the Ryan plan women saw that as an attack on the priorities of supporting working women and families. When Republicans blocked equal pay laws that was seen as as affront to working families everywhere. Affordable contraception means women can control when they enter and exit the workplace and help plan for the expenses related to childbirth and care. All of these issues are economic issues and the Republicans desperately hope those pieces do not get put together.

So what might be the most interesting, and for Republicans damaging, conclusion from this latest survey is that moderate and independent women voters are uniformly concerned about the economy and the Republican efforts to undermine their ability to take care of their families. A candidate that can successfully tap into that connection, to clearly articulate and understand that women’s issues are all economic issues stands a very good chance come November.

Photo from League Of Women Voters California via flickr.


James Monaghan
James Monaghan5 years ago

Moderate, Independent Women! Not sure that the author - Jessica Pieklo even knows the meaning of the word moderate!

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Republicans in Congress just don’t get it now and they never have and they never will. Vote them out of office in every state at every opportunity.

Carole L.
Carole L5 years ago

BMutiny T.
“That is the word from GOP Central {the Repukelican National Committee}:
all their followers have to go to all the Forums on the Internet and parrot this line:”

And that’s the way the sheeple like it that way they don’t have to think for themselves. That and they like to blame god for everything.

Sarah H
“Women will be voting for Romney because Obama has had over 3 years and has only raised the deficit, almost doubled it! We need someone who can go in and do what McDonnell did here in Virginia and Scott did in Wisconsin,”

You mean fire; teachers, firefighters, police etc and give the money to their 1%’er buddies?

Sarah H
“I'm not sure Romney will do it but I know Obama hasn't!”

Yeah, look how well Willard did in Mass, 47th in “job creation” and that was only because of the 3 states that got hit by Katrina.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago


Robert Fitzgerald
Robert F5 years ago

There is a deep understanding of gender that is revealed in this study. The archetype of the feminine can be said to rule or to align with the qualities of family, community, nation and international social cohesiveness. The economy naturally arise from the social needs of community and the extended family that is implied in community. The masculine archetype can be said to rule or align with the qualities of individuality and independence, war, domination and control, and ego (the classic male ego).

If our main issue today is the economy and jobs, both concerns of a healthy community, then the most successful approach to solving these questions might be to vote for women's rights and their access to the services that are important to them as a starting point. The Republican drive to re-establish family values has to come from women, not from dogmatic religious men. Their ability to create healthy and happy families can translate into healthier communities, and a healthier economy.

Caitilin Kane
Caitilin Kane5 years ago

I live in the workingest women state in the country--of course women's issues are real economic issues!

Melanie K.
Mel;anie K5 years ago

Yeah, Adam S. Vote for Ron Paul. Then we will be a country that is isolated from the rest of the world and the elderly will not have SS or Medicare. We will be getting unwanted phone calls from telemarketers. There will be no regulation of electioneering. There will be no IRS, so the Federal Govt will have virtually no money coming in, so no military, no good roads, etc, etc. etc.

Gary A L.
Gary L5 years ago

thanks Jessica by the way folks lets not feed the trolls we should all know they are paid rightwing spin doctors

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson5 years ago


John B.
John B5 years ago

I don't think Romney is personally against women (after all he employs cooks and chambermaids) but I'm not sure why the GOP is pushing this issue. It is some flagrant aberationn of thought if he feels that women want to subjugated.under the religious right. I'm sure that there are a few who can't think for themselves but that is not your average woman.

When I was a child women had their role in the family and it was for all appearances a secondary one to the "bread winner". However, once one got involved in the life of that family it was often the women who ran the whole show but it was an unacceptable norm to the male dominated power structure. Women are "out" now. They are only restricted by the attitudes of any society.

This idea of restricting abortion or doing away with it all togethr to "put women back in place" is the direction for any society that wants to advance.