Modern Family Gets Catholic Media Group Award


The group Catholic in Media Associates (CIMA) has awarded ABC hit show Modern Family its Best Television Show of 2012 award.

The awards, known as the Catholic Oscars (or in this case Emmys), seeks to recognize people and pieces of work that “uplift the spirit and help us better understand what it is to be part of the human family.” The group formed, it has said, to “counter the image of Catholics as people who criticize what they don’t like.”

The show has been a hit with audiences and critics alike who have praised its broad appeal and its ability to reflect the different kinds of families that exist in today’s world.

However, Modern Family has drawn the ire of religious conservatives and especially for its depiction of gay couple Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) who in the show are raising their adopted daughter. As such, not all were pleased with the CIMA award going to Modern Family.

Reports the Catholic News Service:

Catholics in Media Associates — which presents the awards each year — is known for having “questionable, even controversial” honorees, said founding member Barbara Gangi, honorary chairwoman of the event. “Even among our own group!” she added.

This year was no exception. The ABC sitcom “Modern Family” was the 2012 recipient for the television series award, the most recent of dozens of awards it has received. Among the cast of characters is a gay male couple who has adopted a baby together. In reaction to this honoree choice, CIMA received volumes of angry letters.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time CIMA has given out awards to shows that might be considered surprising. Past recipients include Glee and Ugly Betty.

CIMA president Haskell Vaughn Anderson III is quoted as saying the group’s mission is “not to criticize what we don’t like, but to praise what we do.”

Other recipients of the 2012 awards, handed out this past weekend, were perhaps less contentious. They included the documentary “I Am”, while Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” won the best motion picture award.

A majority of Catholics are increasingly accepting about LGBT identity and polls show that support among Catholics for issues like antidiscrimination legislation and even civil marriage equality continues to rise.


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Hannah Short
Hannah Short5 years ago

Ernesto, explain what you mean please, just by what you said i dont know what side of the conversation your own, but i think i have an idea

Anita Wischhusen
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Catholics not all bible thumping child molestors......Cool!

Mitch D.
Mitch D5 years ago

Sorry- meant Keith M.

Mitch D.
Mitch D5 years ago

Poor Ernesto A-- showing his ignorance of the Bible and of LIFE! Thanks to Keith A for pointing out just a few of the passages that I would have too...

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

The Vatican is in the details (like their own Satan) The Vatican has its hands in everything - because it wants control over YOU!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Soooo... Catholic in Media Associates aren't HATEFUL enough? I think it's time they woke up and smelled the coffee. The Pope is a Nazi and the Catholic Church has never been a "religion", it's a front for the mob. All the gods they made up are fairy tales and don't exist, except in the minds of crazy people. Talking to imaginary friends, praying to dead people and letting the Catholic Church suck money out of you will not get you into pie heaven, because that doesn't exist either. You have been scammed by the biggest pyramid scheme on earth. Pyramid schemes have no PRODUCT. False promises of pie heaven are not a PRODUCT, they are nothing. You have to die to get the product (imaginations of crazy people) and then it's TOO LATE, you are DEAD. The Catholic Church is run by FASCIST DICTATORS, i.e. NAZIS. They want to get rid of GAY PEOPLE and make POOR WOMEN pop out more CATHOLICS. AND they want your MONEY!

Keith M.
Keith Monaghan5 years ago

Ernesto, I think they're fully aware of those passages. It just that they're also aware of Exodus 21:1-32 which is how to go about keeping slaves, and selling your daughters to slavery, then there's Leviticus 25:44-46, which details just who you can keep as slaves (foreigners apparently, not fellow Israelites). Then there's the bits like Deuteronomy 12:1 & 13:16 about religious freedom, or rather why there shouldn't be any and what should happen to those who want it (put to death). There's also laws against graven images, Exodus 20:4 (Catholics have been ignoring that one for centuries) Then there's divinely sanctioned war (Joshua 8:1, Judges 4:14-15, 1 Samuel 17:45 & 23:4, Kings 3:18) and genocide (Deuteronomy 7:1-3, Joshua 10:40 & 11:19-20, 1 Samuel 15:2-3, Deuteronomy 2:31-34 & 3:1-6) as well as other horrid things they (I suspect you) ignore. Why retain one nasty element, in this case homophobic bigotry, and ignore the others? The Bible is a product of it's time and the ignorant culture (relatively speaking) it was written in. As such it is of little or no relevance to us today. So quoting it in defence of your moral choices is just lame.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for the article Steve.

Ernesto Arango
Ernesto Arango5 years ago

Poor American Catholics, they do not know about 1a Corintians 6: 10 and Levitic 20 : 13.

John Mansky
John Mansky5 years ago

Thank you for the article...