Monkey Shot After Killing Infant

A tragic report from the central Malaysian state of Negri Sembilan has surfaced.

On Wednesday, a macaque monkey entered the home of a four-day-old baby girl, bit and scratched her face, and then dropped her from a roof.  The yet-to-be named infant was transported to Tuanku Ja’afar hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

The newborn’s mother had left the living room to go to the bathroom and her grandfather stepped out for a glass of water.  That is when the macaque entered the room and took the child.  It is theorized the monkey dropped the baby after hearing screams from the mother and grandfather searching for her.

The home is described as a single story dwelling near a group of trees often seen with monkeys habitating in them.

BBC News reports that officials say it was the first case of a monkey attack on humans in the state.  Humans have taken over more and more of the monkey’s natural habitat.  And it is said people are feeding the wild animals, which only serves to encourage monkey-human interaction. 

The Wildlife and National Parks department searched for the macaque monkey.  Director Ishak Muhamad from the department reported the macaque was shot dead at 4pm when he started acting aggressively.

Presently, there are two theories explaining this horrible event.  First, the monkey was hungry and considered the baby a source of food.  Second, the monkey was attracted to a female monkey kept as a pet in the home.

Dr. Mohamod Nagh, wildlife reproductive physiologist and director at Zoo Nagara, claims a subordinate male monkey would kill babies in a fight with an alpha male monkey to gain the dominant position in a pack. He further explains, “Animals are not able to differentiate between a human infant and their young. It is not part of their instinct and that is why it is dangerous to keep exotic or wildlife pets at home.”

This adds to the already long list of reasons why wild animals should not be kept as pets.

A heartbreaking story all around.

Flickr: Percita
please note: the monkey pictured is not the monkey killed


Geoffrey N.
Geoffrey N.4 years ago

Monkeys suck! Sounds like Malaysia sucks too! how come the kid wasn't yet named, they just bring the kid home and decide they will drop some spoons or something, ping pong, ding dang! WTF

Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson7 years ago

There are more and more attacks on humans that should be a definite message to those who are keeping exotic animals.

Georgiaa P.
Georgiaa P.7 years ago

i think u shouldnt keep them as pets because there dangerous but if ur a gd trainor and u can train them and teach them tricks and teach them how 2 be nice and poliet then i think u could keep them as a pet!

Sarah D.
Sarah D7 years ago

This story seems to be missing a few bits of information.

Benjamin S.
Benjamin S.7 years ago

Just Leave Animals Alone In Nature! This is Natural Reaction when Monkey Were In Zoo And The Humans Kept It In zoo, Just Please Be kind with animals, Dont make Them Mad More

viola g.
viola G7 years ago

It's a very sad happening. Not to lay blame on anyone but I think if I had a baby I wouldn't take chances with wild animals so close to the house? Wild animals that can open doors etc. And if they already had one as a pet well....Any way it is very very sad, killing the monkey though? To me that served no purpose. It's not like he was going to go out now searching for babies to kill. It sounds like he was startled and dropped the poor baby. So sad.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

The monkey is a wild animal and should not have had acess to the child. The ultimate responsibility for the child's safety falls to the parents. They failed miserably and will regret their inattention for the rest of their lives.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine7 years ago

This grieves me to learn of both baby and monkey. It is not the fault of either mother, grandfather - or monkey. It is a culmination of all decisions including wildlife "government protection" agencies and bulders in such areas without consideration for such matters-at-hand.

Kelly L.
Kelly Levans7 years ago

Leave animals like that alone! If you want to feed them, be sure to do it somewhere removed. We leave out food for raccoons at my house, but we do it in our backyard, not too near the house, and we know that they can rip our faces off, so we don't go out and try to hug them.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin7 years ago

The family and the monkey are both not to blame. How was the family supposed to know a monkey would get into their house. It's never happened before. And the monkey was just curious.