Monsanto Corn at Farm Markets?


Sweet corn is ripe at the farmers’ market. I can’t get enough of it. Only one vendor had it this week, from a farm in the warmer valley to the south of us. The rest will ripen over the next couple weeks.

We know the farmers who provide our summer corn. They grow organically and pick the corn as close to market opening as they can manage. I don’t have to ask them if they planted genetically engineered corn.

Things are changing, however, not with the organic ears at my farmers’ market but with the sweet corn modified by chemical companies. Monsanto already sells seeds with built-in resistance to corn borer, rootworm and herbicide. The Roundup-ready corn ends up in cereal, chips, and dozens of other products already on supermarket shelves.

Now they have a triple-stack corn heading to farm fields. The harvest is aimed at the fresh-produce market. The corn has three added traits that make it resistant to insects and to Roundup. Fields can be blanketed with the herbicide without damaging the crop.

The Monsanto harvest will not be the first GM corn offered as a fresh product. You may already be eating Syngenta’s genetically modified corn if you live in Canada. Monsanto’s new corn will end up on shelves in the eastern United States. Where its pollen will end up depends on the winds.

“Eat fresh produce” is standard advice to those wary of genetically modified produce, but companies like Syngenta and Monsanto are changing that by moving more aggressively into the fresh-vegetable arena. Regulators in the U.S. and Canada have welcomed genetically engineered foods in spite of growing warnings (e.g., health risks, environmental hazards and failure to produce higher yields).

The same chemical company that produced Agent Orange has good reason to want our produce to depend on its herbicides. GM Watch’s brief history of Monsanto gives little reassurance their research on the safety of the new sweet corn will do anything more than protect the company’s bottom line.

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Photo from Chicken Farmers of Canada via Flickr Creative Commons


W. C
W. C10 months ago


William C
William C11 months ago

Thank you.

Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Monica May
Monica May4 years ago


Sue H.
sue H4 years ago

Let's fix the FDA and the Justice Dept. officials a tasty big plate of Monsanto's CRAP and then take the White House a plate... Really do not think they would eat it!!! Get the $$ out of politics!

Carol R.
Carol Reom5 years ago

It's not just corn. It's soy, safflower, some rice, Hawaiian papaya and i don't know what else. So far it seems to be annual crops. I would not doubt it is in sunflowers and tomatoes too.

Carol R.
Carol Reom5 years ago

Judges should not be ruling on GM foods .It should be Dr.s, scientist, farmers and veterinarians who have witnessed the effects of these "foods" on the animals. Judges would be no better at deciding this than you or I. This is a biological problem not a judicial one and effects every one who eats this "stuff"

Carol R.
Carol Reom5 years ago

I would sooner have the bugs and weeds than eating Roundup and bug killers. At least they are biodegradable. The chemicals have a very bad, sad effect on bees and the animals that depend on bugs for their food. We are sterilizing the earth and putting bad chemicals into ourselves and the earth. Some research done on the rice found that the GM rice was causing some type of genetic changes in peoples genes. We are importing sausage casings now because the animals intestine that have been fed GM can no longer be used because they fall apart. We are all a bunch of guinea pigs and have not been read our rights. Europe doesn't allow GM foods. How did we get so lucky?

Susan V.
Susan V5 years ago

Please go to my petitions now for an update on the GE Alfalfa issue and the Monsanto Corn issue
First tell Walmart to REJECT Monsanto GE Sweet Corn
This one urgent!

. A San Francisco judge sided with Monsanto in a case to try to reverse the approval of GE Alfalfa, and the Center for Food Safety is appealing. Please keep the pressure on the USDA and on Obama.

Also let them know you support the farmers fighting Monsanto's seed tyranny and tell Walmart to REJECT Monsanto GE Sweet Corn.

Thanks, Susan V