Monsanto Voted America’s Biggest ‘Corporate Fool’

The votes have been tallied, and for the corporations chosen as America’s “biggest fools” today is no joke.

Just in time for April Fool’s Day, announced the winners of its online contest to determine the most socially, economically and environmentally irresponsible companies in the nation. And the results are as follows:

1. Agricultural and chemical giant Monsanto
2. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
3. Oil and gas powerhouse Chevron

Why do these three deserve such recognition?

Monsanto created Agent Orange, DDT, and engaged in massive aerial spraying of Round-Up as a drug-war tactic. They are also responsible for pushing unlabeled and untested genetically modified crops into our food supply.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has benefited hugely from the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It regularly spends millions of dollars for television and radio advertisements for or against candidates and is not required to disclose its donors.

Over three decades of oil drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chevron has dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest. As a result, locals have suffered a wave of cancers, miscarriages, and birth defects. Last year, an Ecuadorian court ruled in favor of local communities and ordered Chevron to pay $18 billion in cleanup and restoration efforts. Chevron is STILL fighting the decision in court.

To honor Monsanto as the nation’s biggest corporate fool, a donation was made in the name of Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant to Navdanya, an organization in India that has worked with 5,000,000 farmers to create seed sovereignty, food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture over the past two decades, and helped set up the largest direct-marketing fair trade, organic network in the country.

The Corporate Fool awards were presented in person to Monsanto, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Chevron on Friday.


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Image Credit: Flickr – sierratierra


Stanley Balgobin
Stanley R5 years ago

Monsanto is EVIL incarnate. Far from being fools, they make fools of us for letting them get away with "murder" Murder of our children, our parents, poisoning of our foods, and corruption of our elected officials. We are the fools.

Ben Oscarsito
Ben O5 years ago

Monsanto is pure evil, and that is a fact!

Frank Payne
Frank Payne5 years ago

An Oscar to Montsanto for winning the Biggest Fool accolade. It was well earned and deserved.

Arild Warud

Couldn't agree more!

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

"The LOVE of MONEY is the basis for all evil.....think about it corporations and governments before you pass the invisible line of it being too late to change...."

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago

they earned it fair and square

Josha N.
Josha N5 years ago

Do they WANT to poison our environment? Eventually it will come back to them too and harm them as well. A bit dumb, isn't it?

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.5 years ago

Corporate Charters should require renewal, perhaps every 5 years, by a democratic process where people actually vote whether they can continue operating or not. I wonder how different things would be if Monsanto was up for it's corporate charter renewal and it had already suffered one disaster. Yes of course they would work with the republicans to rig the election because conservatives hate democracy, but every corporation wouldn't be able to rig every election. And, if election rigging were to become a capital offense, that might help.

Heidi Sousse
Heidi Sousse5 years ago

As a species, we need to look at these dinosaur corporations and decide that we don't need them and that their existence is a threat to our survival. As a species we should be killing off these companies. Unfortunately the gangs are likely the only ones with the balls to do the job. There is a time for peace and a time for war. As people who wish to live healthy clean lives we need to declare war on them, we can't afford to play nice with them. They would kill us without a second thought, we should do the same to them.

Helle H.
Helle H5 years ago

It's wrong to call them fools. They should be called killers, because they earn a lot of money. Everybody letting them do so are fools.