Morning Mix: If It Ain’t Brokered, Don’t Fix It

Today may be the day that Alabama and Mississippi are voting for a Republican presidential nominee, but the candidates are already looking long past this contest — and on to Tampa.

Yes, it’s finally time to start talking about a brokered convention.

It starts with Rick Santorum, who believes that he doesn’t really need to win enough delegates to be the nominee. As long as he can keep competitor Mitt Romney from getting enough, too, Santorum believes he could win in a head to head at the convention. “‘We’re going to see very shortly that the conservative in this race is going to rise if we go to the convention, this is a conservative party…What chance to do we have in the general election if, with [Romney's] overwhelming financial advantage, he can’t deal a knockout blow?”

Santorum could be reading the tea leaves right, it seems. Based on CBS polling, Republican voters seem to prefer Santorum, even as they still believe Romney is likely to be the eventual nominee. “A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows Rick Santorum holding a very slight lead over Mitt Romney among Republican primary voters across the nation, but GOP voters increasingly expect Romney to eventually win the nomination. In the survey conducted between March 7 and March 11, 34 percent of Republican primary voters said they support Santorum, compared to 30 percent for Romney…Regardless of whom they say they’ll vote for, however, an increasing number of Republican primary voters expect Romney will eventually become the party’s choice to do general election battle with President Obama.”

It can’t be good when the voters are saying that they would rather have the candidate they don’t expect to win actually get the nomination.

Romney, meanwhile, is trying to cut the brokered convention talk off early by playing the “you don’t want to help Obama, do you?” card. “Look, if we go all the way to a convention, we would be signaling our doom in terms of replacing President Obama… We sure as heck are not going to go to a convention, all the way to the end of August, to select a nominee and have campaign working during a convention. Why, can you imagine anything that would be a bigger gift to Barack Obama than us not having a nominee until the end of August? That is just not going to happen.”

Romney may want to avoid a brokered convention at all costs, but one person who would accept it gleefully? Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele. In fact, this was all part of his master plan. “We have captured the national imagination for the last year…That was not the case four years ago,” Steele told Mother Jones. “A little chaos is a good thing, particularly in a system that tends to be moribund.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Romney agrees.

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Alex H.
Alex H6 years ago

By accident, I chopped off the end of my comment; please forgive me:

So far, they are convinced that not a single one would help the US out of the economical and ethical problems in which we find ourselves as a result of George W Bush bankrupting the United States while using the country's treasury for his own personal gain.

So, open your eyes and when a GOP person, or a Right-Winger, or a Tea Partier tells you that it is going to all shake out and be ready for the election, tell them that you will vote for an honest ticket of candidates, one which will do all in its power to heal the country.

This is serious business, my fellow Americans, and we need your help in every way possible.

Alex H.
Alex H6 years ago

The Republicans, Right-Wingers, or Tea Party Members (call them whatever you will, they're all the same) have a real problem.

This year, the truth has begun to creep out from beneath that rock under which they hide.
50 Million AARP members who are all eligible to vote will vote this year for the presidential and congressional elections. They have become tired of receiving the unbelievable amount of lies, misdirection, and lack of ethics and morals that usually accompanies a presidential election.

They know, for a fact, that President Obama is a US Citizen.

They know, for a fact, that he is not a member of Islam.

And they know for a fact that President Obama has been doing everything he can to undo the mess that the Bush administration left him with, even though his opposition has said, over and over, that they will stand in his way no matter what, and block his efforts to straighten out the messes with which he has been left.

Those GOP Clowns, the ones who keep climbing out of the Clown Car - especially the one who has to remove his dog from the roof of that clown car - keep playing round-robin with the lead, showing the public that no one, especially not a Republican Voter, has any idea of which of those so-called candidates would be good for the country. Santorum, even, believes that going to college is the worst thing you can do; getting an education will hold you back from a successful career.

So far, they are convinced that not a single one woul

James Maynard
James Maynard6 years ago

The simple fact is, republicans don't like any of
their choices for a candidate. Can't say I blame

Roy M.
Roy M6 years ago

The Republicans don't need either of them when the present White House incumbent has proven to be a worthy successor to Dubya and has continued or extended his policies without missing a beat. Even Bush and Cheney might have hesitated before putting out a fatwah on American citizens.
As for health care, single payer is as far away as ever.
No, the power brokers are very clever people and they want Obama back even though he's now promising to really mean it this time.

Chad A.
Chad A6 years ago

A brokered convention may be the only way for the Republican Party to reunite unless Romney starts getting some traction in the South.

Mari 's
Mari 's6 years ago

No kidding

Clothears Santa

Morning Mix: If It Ain’t Brokered, Don’t Fix It

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