Morning Mix: Share And Share Alike — Even Lawyers

Now that former vice presidential candidate John Edwards has been declared healthy enough to stand trial for the alleged misuse of campaign funds, the proceedings are advancing at a rapid pace.

Edwards, accused of using donations from his failed 2008 presidential run on hiding a secret affair and pregnancy with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter, is now preparing for an April trial.  And to get ready, he’s hiring his mistresses ex-lawyers. “John Edwards, the former Democratic presidential candidate charged with campaign-finance violations, won court permission to use his former mistress’s lawyers at his criminal trial, set to start next month.Prosecutors objected to the participation of the lawyers, Alan Duncan and Allison Van Laningham, saying there could be a conflict of interest should Edwards’s former paramour, filmmaker Rielle Hunter, be called as a witness.”

The judge in charge of the case, however, thinks it might be a bad idea. “U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Eagles told Edwards that shaking up his defense team was likely causing him stress, something the former senator’s doctor said in a private letter to the judge Edwards should avoid to protect his health. The judge asked Edwards whether he was taking any narcotics or other medications that might fog his judgment before trial. ‘I’m taking a bunch of medication. No narcotics, to answer that question,’ said Edwards, who appeared sharp and relaxed. ‘If I have memory problems, they’re not because of the medicine.’”

But there’s no reason to fear conflict of interest.  Hunter has been granted immunity.

Well, thank goodness!  That should relieve any awkwardness as the two allegedly try to conceive a second child.

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Virginia B.
Virginia B5 years ago

Never the twain (men and women) shall meet. I have been really puzzled since 2008 as to why Edwards would take such a chance.I just don't understand the male mindset!
I'm glad that Vanessa reminded us of all the good Edwards had done. I remember thinking that he would make a really good presidential candidate. However, I couldn't believe that such an intelligent, capable man would be such a cad, and, frankly, such an idiot to ruin his political career with a tacky affair, while under such a spotlight. No! That didn't turn out right! Not just under the spotlight, but at any time! Such hubris!

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

We need a better way of nominating candidates for every political office.

Sue Jones
Sue Jones5 years ago

Good post. Thanks, Vanessa.

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S5 years ago

A mention of Edwards' history as an advocate for the everyman and dedication on behalf of one of the nation's most important civil rights groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center, would have made this article something other than a "Ha, take that, pretty boy!" smear piece.

Having followed Edwards' career for many years, I have to say that he would have made a very capable president, and his pockets wouldn't have been lined by big agra, big pharma, etc.

Unfortunately, a look at history indicates that many of the leaders we've revered have engaged in plenty of shameful behavior in their personal lives. We'd all prefer it if that weren't the case.

Edwards may face punishment for financial wrongdoing, and so goes justice, if he is in fact guilty. He was summarily trounced in public for doing something once that presidential candidate New Gingrich has done twice. Yet the same press who stamped a scarlet letter on Edwards' chest are now focusing on Gingrich's platform, not his bad performance as a husband, which I find interesting. ("Liberal" press? Hardly.)

This forum isn't held to real journalistic standards, but if a blogger takes the time to create a piece, it doesn't have to smack of tabloid sensationalism, as this one does.