Moscow Okays Gay Pride Parade

Moscow officials have for the first time approved plans for a gay Pride event, reports Interfax-Religion. Officials have previously fought attempts to hold Pride events in the Russian capital and have refused to sanction them.

Event organizers say that this, the 6th Pride event was approved by officials on Tuesday.

From Interfax-Religion:

The Moscow government told the Moscow gay pride parade organizers on Tuesday that the Moscow authorities have authorized a gay pride parade in Moscow,” Alexeyev said in a statement released in Moscow.

The organizers notified the Moscow government and the Moscow traffic police of their intention to hold a gay pride parade on April 12, he said.

The rally entitled “Moscow Gay Pride Parade: Homosexuality in the History of World Culture and Civilization” will take place on May 28, Alexeyev said.

Bans on gay pride events dating all the way back to 2006 have been the subject of a court battle.

October 2010 saw the European Court of Human Rights unanimously rule in Alekseyev v. Russia that bans on Moscow Pride events between 2006-2008 breached three separate articles of the European Convention which guarantees freedom of assembly, the right not to be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation and the right to effective legal remedy. Russia appealed to the Grand Chamber, but the Grand Chamber upheld the ruling.

Applications for previous events have been made two weeks prior to the event itself. However, organizers this year decided on a different approach, applying for a license well in advance. Instead of framing the event as a political one, organizers also chose to make Pride 2011 a “mass cultural and educational event,” hoping that this would be perceived as less threatening to government officials than a solely political rally.

The purpose of the event is described by organizers as one that aims to give objective information about the history of homosexuality, to describe the input of famous LGBT cultural figures and as a way to hopefully promote tolerance.

During previous unsanctioned events, attendees have been attacked and injured. It is hoped that with officials sanctioning the event, this kind of violence will be prevented from happening. 

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to -Marlith-.


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Lulu L. You are obviously in the wrong forum. A majority of Care2 members are here because we CARE about people, issues and such, Not to spew our hate towards gays, women who make a rational choice to end a pregnancy or anyone else that seem to upset you. Please, go and argue at a forum where people like you seem to dwell. There are plenty of hate groups online for you to chose between.

Lulu L.
Lulu L6 years ago

Look at that, homosexual have taken God's sign to man-kind; the rainbow, and are using it for their symbol, utterly sickening! Goes to show Moscow is a loser!

Tracey D.
Tracey D6 years ago

Hooray for Moscow! :)

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Way to go, Moscow!

Dominic C.
Dominic C6 years ago

Wow! Commies, Medvedevians, Putians, etc. support gays - no wonder they have so much support in Russia

Robert G.
Robert G6 years ago

Dank E. why are you so insecure and frightened by this.

Ron S.
Ron Samuels6 years ago

I'm puzzled by Marina Brennan's comment: "Officials have been pressured to issue a permission to hold the parade. Russian officials don't like to be pressured to do anything at all."

On the one hand, she is right that Russian officials don't like to be pressured; although I don't see where the "pressure" is coming from. On the other hand, if they felt "pressured", isn't it most likely that they would have simply denied approval? That would have avoided the potential for an accusation that they did exactly what Marina assumes they might do: Tacitly allow gay bashing. If anything, now that they have officially sanctioned the event, they are most likely to ensure that nothing goes wrong for which they can be blamed.

Brenda Gilbert
Brenda Gilbert6 years ago

Good news from Moscow!!

Dank E: What are you so afraid of? Open your heart and mind to something new and different from yourself. You'll be so much happier if you do.

Karen & Edward O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

Well you go, guys and gals. Have a great, peaceful parade.

Drusilla P.
Drusilla P6 years ago

This is good news.

Thanks for the info.