Poll Shows Most People Fine With Living Near Mosques

Despite the huge amount of protest that always seems to make the news when it comes to new Islamic centers like the Park51 scandal or the Tennessee mosque fight, new polling suggests that most people are just fine with the idea of a mosque in their neighborhood.

Via Politico:

As two congressional panels turn their attention to the role of Muslims in American life, most Americans say they would be “okay” having a mosque in their community, a poll released Thursday says.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans surveyed for a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll said they would not oppose having a mosque near where they live or work, while 28 percent said they would oppose one.

Positive opinions of American Muslims, though, are less common. Of those surveyed, 46 percent said they have a positive view of American Muslims, while 26 percent said they have an unfavorable view of them. In 2002, just before the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, 39 percent of Americans said they had a favorable view of American Muslims.

Favorable views may be less common than people who are ok with having a mosque in the neighborhood, but as the poll shows, the favorables have gone up drastically since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And considering how ramped up the anti-Muslim rhetoric in politics has become in the last two years, that only 26 percent of respondents said they had a negative view of Muslims is frankly pretty impressive.

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Edward P.
Edward P7 years ago

I lived near a mosgue in Morocco, and it really got tiresome with the noise 5 times a day.

Sakib H.
Sakib H7 years ago

Read from accusation 3 onwards:


Sakib H.
Sakib H7 years ago

It is interesting to note that many of these so called "assassinations" reported in Ibn Ishaq's or Tabari's works all have something in common, and that is that because the person who was assassinated insulted the Holy Prophet (S), were assassinated. However, the scholars have looked at reports like this and have concluded:

All such reports, as ascribe the execution of others merely to their having harrased the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the past, have Ibn Ishaq as the last narrator at the top; and in the terminology of the traditionalists such reports are called Mursal and are not to be relied on."
(Source: Sirat-Un-Nabi, by Allama Shibli Nu'Mani, rendered into English by M. Tayyib Bakhsh Budayuni, Kazi Publications Lahore, Vol. II, p. 199-203, bold and underlined emphasis ours)

Ali Sina can however now run and quote from the Authentic Collections of hadith where it shows that Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf was executed. However, one must note that there were reports that say Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf planned to get the Prophet (S) assassinated, and that he went to Makkah to incite the Pagans to fight the Holy Prophet (S).

Sakib H.
Sakib H7 years ago

@Lydia: Your testimonials have one problem: they are testimonials of people who never understood Islam in the first place. There arguments are NOT cogent as they lived under the false assumption that there are such things as Islamic system.

Firstly, how is Muhammad a paedophile? Ali Sina has his facts wrong as he fails to realise the Hadeeths used (sadly by many Muslims) are fabrications as they originated in Iraq and not in Hijaz region. If you look at the accounts of events by Aisha and her corresponding age, they don't add up hence rendering the argument that she was 6 a lie. Secondly, critics such as Sir William Muir even agree she must have been at least 12 for marriage and Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood and others have proven she was 19 at the age of marriage.

Secondly, Ali Sina regarding the narcissist lie attributes half the quotes that are attributed to God (such as praising him night and day) to Muhammad and hence, he has played around with the pronouns rendering his analysis incorrect. Read this http://muslim-responses.com/Narcissist/Narcissist_

Ali Sina further lies regarding the mass murder of the Jewish tribes. The reason for their expulsion was because they broke the contracts of peace consistently and refused to bring to justice the Jews who humiliated a woman by causing her dress to rip. He also fails to mention how women and children were not killed and the only people killed were those who were combatants aka mature men who would be fighting in a war.

Lydia S.
Lydia S7 years ago


You have failed to meet the challenge ... NOTHING you or other apologists have said, refutes any of the charges I and other decent people have made.


Now THESE folks have made VALID, Cogent arguments, which stand up to scrutiny, and make all YOUR comments WEAK and ILLOGICAL!

You shall know the truth, and the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Peace and Love ... ONLY outside islam!

Sakib H.
Sakib H7 years ago

@Lydia: How was Quran 2:256 abrogated in any way? There is no abrogation there! In fact there are probably about five "abrogations" in the whole Quran, the maximum being 20 but scholars have resolved them.

You clearly don't understand the Quran. It's like me giving you a book on fluid dynamics and you just spewing stuff out without understanding .

If you look objectively, there are many non Muslims who upon leaving their original faith, are ostracised by there family, kicked out their homes, friends leave them etc. it is NOT an Islamic problem.
You may well have read the Quran but do you understand it?


Where is it illegal to own a Bible eh? Tell that to the Christians of Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc.

Sandra Tsl
Sandra T7 years ago

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Qur'an, the central religious text of Islam, contains references to over fifty people and events also found in the Bible. While the stories told in each book are generally comparable in most respects, important differences sometimes emerge.

While the Bible is held to have once reflected true revelation from God, Muslims argue that it became distorted (in Arabic: tahrif) over the centuries, both in its narrative and (more importantly) in its message; this necessitated the giving of the Qur'an to Muhammad, to correct such deviations.

Thus, Muslims generally hold that the Qur'an is always more authoritative than the Bible. Anything in the Bible that agrees with the Qur'an is accepted, and anything in the Bible that disagrees with the Qur'an is rejected.

Many stories in the Bible are not mentioned at all in the Qur'an; with regard to such passages, Muslims are instructed to neither believe nor disbelieve in them, but they are allowed to read them and pass them on if they wish to do so.


The you tube link I am attaching is not meant to aim to critize those who chose to believe in the trinity spoken of in the bible,for it is their personal decision which I respect. I nevertheless wish to post it because it is a small documentary to be reflected upon by those who wish to do so.


Lydia S.
Lydia S7 years ago

@ Sakib H ... My silence is neither "deafening" nor a result of you "presenting any facts". You continue to offer the same disingenuous "PABLUM" as you have before, but it's neither factual nor accurate. Therefore, as I said before, you fail completely to provide any cogent "evidence".

Surah 2:256 was abrogated by the verses of the "Sword". While their numbers were small, muslims were peaceful (a tactic repeated to this day!) Once their numbers grew, muslims started wars against ALL their neighbors, spreading terror & bloodshed & forcibly converting people to islam. This continues today!

You act as if there is no information, no knowledge available to people. I have read the koran, I have read the Bible. I have studied comparative religion - ONLY islam continues to use violence to this day, beheading, bombing, murdering! People are murdered to cries of "allahu akhbar" ... innocents are beheaded, girls/women are raped.

NOTHING YOU WRITE WILL CHANGE THESE FACTS! I have presented evidence which you refuse to see. YOUR OPINIONS are NOT facts! Your beliefs are deeply ingrained indoctrination! YOU HAVE NEVER READ THE BIBLE -- BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO!

THAT IS A FACT! In all muslim countries it is illegal to own or read the Bible or explore ANY OTHER RELIGION!

Former muslims ALL attest to this TRUTH! Apostasy & Blasphemy are punishable by DEATH!


William Y.
William Y7 years ago

@ Sakib H. That is the basic problem, people who think they know what is in the Bible and/or the Koran, without actually having read either or both or read either or both with a closed mind.

Sakib H.
Sakib H7 years ago

@Lydia: Your silence is deafening on the fact that I have provided proof and evidence that Islam is not the religion of forcible conversion as in Quran 2:256, "Let there be no compulsion in religion/way of life, truth is clear from falsehood......"
IF YOU READ A COMMENTARY, it mentions why this verse was revealed: it was revealed to new Muslims who had families in Madinah who were still Christian or Jewish despite their conversion. Hence, if Islam believed in forcibly converting, it would tell us to convert our own families, which clearly isn't the case.
Question: Did the fighting against those who broke contracts because of their religion?

The answer is no. The reason why the fighting occurred was because PEOPLE BROKE THE TERMS OF PEACE!!!!

The problem is not Islam, the problem is ignorant thinkers be they Muslim or non Muslim.