Mouse Trap Fail

PETA has been in the sticky business of fighting against glue traps for months. While there’s been a few victories, like CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons and Safeway banning those confounded contraptions, they’re still trying to convince Lowe’s to pull glue traps from their shelves.

Glue traps are unquestionably one of the cruelest forms of animal control. Small animals wander onto the trap and get stuck. As if that’s not bad enough, it then takes days for them to die a slow agonizing death from starvation or dehydration. Meanwhile, the glue rips off pieces of fur and skin as they struggle to free themselves. Many also try to chew their legs off to get free. They’re also prone to getting their faces stuck in the glue causing them to slowly suffocate.

Glue traps don’t discriminate either. They can catch mice, rats, squirrels, birds, snakes and even household pets. They also do nothing to actually control small animal populations, making all that torture for nothing.

Lowe’s has apparently issued a statement in response to the uproar about how the glue traps they sell are humane because they use Eugenol, an anesthetic. Nice try Lowe’s, but Eugenol doesn’t work as a topical agent, it needs to be injected into the bloodstream or ingested to be effective. Way to try to trick your customers, that’s really Low(e’s).

For those who don’t want to share their homes with our rodent friends, there are humane alternatives to the problem. For starters, make your environment unappealing to mice, and seal up all your nooks and cranny’s to avoid the problem in the first place.

A study published in The American Naturalist found that mice are actually pretty picky when it comes to the housing market. They’ll typically visit three potential places before finally choosing a home, and they don’t usually pick the last one they visited.

That means all people need to do is convince mice that their place is not the best choice.

If you need to still need to use traps, you can purchase humane traps like PETA’s smart mouse trap, or a Havahart Chipmunk Traps for rats and encourage others to do the same.

If you don’t want to throw down the money, or you’re more of a DIYer, a small plastic trash can with some food in it that has something the mice can use to climb up on the outside will work just fine. Mice can get in, but they can’t get out. If this method is used, the traps must be checked often! Having a mouse die in a humane trap would kind of defeat the purpose.

Once trapped by any humane method, animals can be easily relocated with no sticky or poisonous mess involved.

Sign Care2’s petition to ban glue traps here.

And tell Lowe’s what you think here.  



Brian F.
Brian F.3 years ago

Funny how most people worry about a mouse, even hunters getting bear off season, but gay men will hunt much younger and vulnerable prey. I am a victim to that. It hurts to see worry of pests and a human life, is ruined from oral sex from being lured by a 60 year old still in my teens.

Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson3 years ago

Setting out glue traps, or any kind of cruel mouse-traps is not for me.

William G.
William Gazitano7 years ago

These traps are horrible. My son rscued one mouse from a sticky trap and had to euthanize another that lost its eyes trying to get free from the sticky trap.

Brook Hosford
Don Gilman7 years ago

I just rescued a little mouse today from a glue trap that was left at my work by the pest control person(though we have demanded they not use them). My coworker helped me free "him" and he only lost a few hairs. I then used olive oil to get the glue off his body and face. He seems to be doing fine now and should be ready for the wild again soon(we did consult a vet about this)today! At least that's one positive story(and I did call the pest control guy and reminded him not to bring those horrid glue traps in again).....but I do believe those things should be banned.

Melody P.
Melody P.8 years ago

Another way to make mice avoid your house is to own pet rats! Rats are natural predators of mice.

Janis Totham-Davies

These disgusting traps should have never been invented in the first place. What kind of person sits down and invents a contraption that deliberately holds small animals, until they die in agony of their dreadful injuries and starvation and dehydration?

There are so many nasty inhumane traps being set all over America every day. What is wrong with the American public allowing this? Why has America bred one of the biggest nations of selfish greedy thoughtless people on earth? Self, should not come first. We do not have the right to override every other living creature on this planet. We can actually all live together, that is the way it is supposed to be.

I am not speaking from a religious stand point here, but simply one of good old common sense. We just do not have the right to do all the dreadful things we do.

I have never bought anything from a Lowe's store or ever been inside a Lowe's store, and I certainly won't now.
Please write to all your local Lowe's stores or just go into your nearest one, and tell the manager that you and all your family and friends are boycotting Lowe's until they stop selling glue traps. They will soon get the message!

Kasia Rybak
Kasia Rybak9 years ago

Its pure cruelty... so ugly.

Veronica D.
Veronica D9 years ago

Glue traps are inhumane and now that I know Lowes sells them I will no longer shop there. Anyone who also feels glue traps are bad, boycott Lowes until they make the ethical decision to stop selling them.

Get a mouser cat, fill up entry ways, and keep your house clean from food and clutter. Don't use glue traps!

Teresa N.
Teresa N9 years ago

I was staying in someone else's place where I found a live mouse caught in a glue trap. It was horrifying; when I tried to rescue it its skin and fur and a part of its foot came off. There is no rescuing an animal from a glue trap, and it is a dreadful way to get rid of unwanted visitors!

Cindy L.
Cindy L9 years ago

When I had a problem with mice in the house I was repelled by the glue traps. I couldn't face seeing them struggle once on the glue. I have trapped mice in no kill traps and relocated them, but it is tricky because you have to have a secure box for transport and you have to drive a good distance or they will find their way "home".