MTV Won’t Air Kanye’s Violent Music Video

A few months ago, a petition was started asking the CEO of Universal Music Group (Lucian Grainge) and CEO of MTV (Judy McGrath) to respond to the leaked video teaser for Kanye West’s hit song “Monster.” Only 30 seconds of the video were leaked, but that was enough time to expose disturbing images eroticizing violence towards women.

Though the full music video had not been released, it was obvious this over-sexualized, violent video should not be made public.

5,000 signatures from outraged Care2 members delivered about a month ago grabbed MTV’s attention and they reacted by saying they will not air the “current version” of the music video. We will soon deliver another 10,000 to MTV to reinforce our stance that the original video would need to be completely disregarded and a new video shot before it is television appropriate. 
We are glad that MTV has voiced their opposition to this over-sexualized, violent music video and we will continue voicing our opinions to them so their stance remains firm.

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Photo Credit: darkroom demons


Bette M.
Bette M6 years ago

Kit B. Kanye is 34 yrs. old & is hardly a teenybopper. The idiot knows how to feed his brand of hatred & make big money from real teenyboppers who can't catch on to what he is doing.
Kanye hates women, whites & most of all himself. But, he knows how to spin to win & run to the bank while he's at it.
Go to Wikipedia & read his biography.......Who ever put that info in there made him sound like the All American boy!!
From watching Kanye in interviews his body language says alot & there is pure hatred in his eyes.
Kanye needs a shrink!!

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life........

Kit Barth
Kit Barth6 years ago

Kanye is just one of to many arrogant, egotistical over stimulated adolescent. You probably not only believe your press clippings, you probably write them yourself. With each day that goes by,it is one more day closer to your disaperance from our lives. You are truly irrelevent from this thing called life.

Bette M.
Bette M6 years ago

I can just imagine Colin Powell giving this idiotic fool the lecture of his life.
Everything Colin Powell is & others like him show absolutely good parenting!! What or who brought this jerk up lacked the skills needed to parent 100%.
Keep it up Kanye for you are hanging from the far end of a tree branch and ready to fall very far below & crash.
Kanye,Vick, Chris Brown & O.J. are the new generation of young blacks who crave attention & all they know & understand is negatives.........

."Sometimes showing off can get one in as much trouble as murder".

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011..........

Emil P.
Emil Perera6 years ago

Thanks for the Care2 for prompt action to prevent such a disgracefull vidio of kanye.
Never let happen such things ahead.

Adam W.
Adam W.6 years ago

Suck it Kanye you loser!

Wink S.
Wink S.6 years ago

I could be wrong but I doubt he has mama "set up" for the good life. Although I have always thought he is very intelligent, I have felt that he has deep anger issues with women. Where do we usually get our female/male related issues??? Don't need a doc. for this one. Kanye might thought.

Bette M.
Bette M6 years ago

Sherral M. wrote:
If Kanye had a daughter, would he want her to be disrespected like this? What would his mother think?

Sherral.....As long as this West rakes in his filthy money his mother could care less. West is in all probability bought her a house & set her up well financially. And, I have a feeling he hates kids because him/her would take away the spotlight from him.
West is the only so called artist black or white who has made a career out of hatred against male/females & whites.
I hope to see him behind bars someday for something for that is the only way he wll ever disappear & take that Chris Brown with him...........Both are mentally unstable.

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011........
Trees are the lungs of the earth.........

Sherral M.
Sherral M.6 years ago

Hurray for MTV. Although I firmly believe in freedom of speech, at some point in time people need to act responsibly and put a stop to this kind of hateful garbage. It is very important to talk to our kids so they understand that this is wrong and should not be tolerated. If Kanye had a daughter, would he want her to be disrespected like this? What would his mother think?

Wendy L.
W L6 years ago

Great job Care2. So proud of the results and hope it's just the beginning of action to stop commercial portrayals of violence against women.

Charlotte Perry
.6 years ago

I have not seen the full video, just the amount of garbage I did see was more than enough. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for the women in this video, they had a choice and they picked the money. This guy is proof that you can take the rat out of the hood, but not the hood out of the rat. OOO my gosh..... what an offensive comment and I'm sure that it will tick some people off. Tuff s... I found this video offensive, but he still gets paid to put out this kind of trash. Remember, any publicity is better than no publicity and he has gotten more than he ever has for his "music". Does he sit around with vick and oj and trade stories??? Hopefully, one day they will all "reep what they have sown"