My 2012 Is Complete: Sharron Angle Is Running for Congress

My 2012 campaign season has been made — Nevada Tea Party icon Sharron Angle has announced she will be running for Congress, even if she hasn’t actually picked a race yet.

Via The Washington Post:

Nearly five months after her strong bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid ended in defeat, Sharron Angle said Wednesday she’ll run for Congress again in an effort to “stop the liberal agenda.”

Angle told supporters via YouTube, Twitter and an e-mail that she will pursue one of Nevada’s four U.S. House seats in 2012.

“With your help we can once again change the country’s direction like we started in 2010,” she wrote in an e-mail to supporters.

Reid beat Angle by 6 percentage points in November after a bitter campaign. But she put up a strong fight, raising $14 million in one three-month fundraising quarter and finishing ahead in a series of polls.

In her announcement video Angle says she’s going to run because of the “unconstitutional agenda” of President Barack Obama.  By “unconstitutional” she no doubt means things like “unemployment benefits” and “public education,” just two of the many government programs she declared unconstitutional during her senate run.

Watch her announcement video below.


photo from wikimedia commons


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Get this woman a hole to crawl into PLEASE!

Ruadh S.
Ruadha S7 years ago

Oh, goodie, Palin, Angle and the "I'm not a witch" woman. Makes me cringe that I am also female. We need to beat these women from any office and bar them from our gender,

Mike N.
Mike N7 years ago

Sharron Angle makes Sarah Palin look like Einstein. LOL Maybe that's why she's running; ya think?

Jan N.
Jan N7 years ago

The gift that keeps on giving, like the Christmas fruitcake that is continually re-gifted because no one wants it. Hey, campaign slogan: Sharron Angle - the fruitcake you don’t want.

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

Poor Nevada; actually poor US that someone of this ilk can even be considered for public office.

Michael Carney
Michael C7 years ago

Anyone in Nevada who would vote for this moron, belongs in a padded cell with her...

Tammy Martin
Tammy Martin7 years ago

On your questionaire I wish there was an option for "Hell, no!" - not just no as far as whether she should run again...the fact that she has followers at all boggles the mind.

Fred Urbasek
Past Member 7 years ago

Oh Yes, She needs to run so we can have a good laugh at this ignorant woman.

Sound Mind
Ronald E7 years ago

Hoped this dumbassed itch had just gone away! Oh well, lots to write about when the time comes.

Mike B.
Michael Barnes7 years ago

They seem to have a never-ending supply of dimwits who want to live large on our dime while taking our quarters.