Nevada Special Election To Replace Rep. Dean Heller Will Be September 13th

Nevada residents have learned that September 13th will be the date of the special election that will replace Republican Rep. Dean Heller.  Heller, a congressman representing the second district, will be moving up to senate to replace resigning Senator John Ensign.

Tea Party superstar Sharron Angle, still recovering from her failed attempt to unseat Sen. Harry Reid in 2010, is gunning hard for the nomination, complaining that she’s battling the “left wing” of her own party.

Via The Hill:

In a fundraising pitch to supporters, Angle suggested she intends to wage a special election campaign no matter what. 

“Instead of more than a year to prepare, I must now raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in just weeks,” Angle wrote Friday. “I must do this so we can set the agenda, not our opponents.”

“Instead of an open process — already they are behind closed doors, choosing one of their own to be the preferred candidate in the race,” Angle said of Nevada’s GOP establishment. “This is exactly why I am running and why I need your help — to put an end to special interest politics!”

Angle was concerned that the party leadership will simply choose their own candidate, likely not Angle, rather than hold an open primary where she may have a shot at becoming the nominee.  However, the Secretary of State has announced that the election will instead be a “free for all,” with any candidate who files a petition allowed onto the ballot, and a waiving of the usual $300 filing fee.

Candidates need to file by June 8th to make it onto the ballot.

Photo by Steve Wainstead [CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons


Doug G.
Doug G6 years ago

Funny, she describes her own party as being secretive. Its been that way for years.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Ho hum...Same ol' words, same ol agenda.

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L6 years ago

Morgan Getham: ------ It's kinda like when the media refused to give air time to Dennis Kucinich because he wasn't as popular or as viable a candidate, plus it didn't fit in with Washington's pro-war and pro-torture stance. The reason GOOD people don't get elected in Washington is because they are restrained and "neutralized" by the ruling parties and their agenda with the help of the media.

Gina H.
Gina H6 years ago

James J., I think you left out a section in your sentence on voting as republican if you're a "grown up". It should say, "Vote republican is you're a narcisistic psychopathic grown up".

What the mindless conservatives seem to miss about global warming (besides scientific support) is that it presents a new market for recycling companies, green technologies as well as environmental clean-up jobs. Wow! New businesses instead of the old corporate parasites leading us to a more stable economy. DUH... Still you bemoan those poor corporate giants that continually soak US taxpayers for billions while sending jobs overseas.

Since you've never had an abortion personally yourself... or been raped..., you haven't a clue what's involved except what your brain between your legs tells you. We know what facts show as to the reasons but you conservatards aren't much on facts. Perhaps they should offer sterilization programs to dead beat dads, rapists and pastors with several offspring outside marriage. A simple solution to reduce abortions significantly would be for men to not rape their sisters, daughters or women in general and for men to learn to keep it in their pants. You'd rather promote the old testicalment's take that it's women's fault for men's behavior though.

You speak of free speech for all and right winger politicians and supporters make verbal threats against our President, Obama. You can bet with Bush Sr. or Wanker Jr., those folks would be in prison.

donald baumgartner

Never Vote Repug!!

Robert H.
Robert H6 years ago

Vote republican if you don't believe in science.
Vote republican if you want to sell your soul to the company store.
Vote republican if you believe that the government should control what goes on with your body.
Vote republican if you think we should fight wars for oil instead of moving to renewable energy.
Vote republican if you think "town hall" meetings should be restricted to those that agree with the host of said "meeting".
Vote republican if it is all about "you".

James J.
James J.6 years ago

Vote republican if you recognize the global warming movement is the real source of hot air, if you realize that businesses create jobs and that the left's war on business results in fewer jobs, that humans shouldn't be killed for a whim just because they are unborn, that if we need oil we should drill our own, if you love freedom and free speech, and you don't have a double standard.

Vote republican if you are a grown up.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Vote Republican if you’re in denial about the changing environment, you believe Corporate welfare is more important than having a job, if you don’t give a damn about women’s health needs, you think that it's better to pay $billions for oil to people who want to kill us than to spend $millions on development of alternative energy, you love Fascism and believe that big businesses should only be allowed to own as many members of Congress as they can afford, you worship the Koch Bros. and their “Tea Party” as their counterpart to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, or you believe Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, and Michelle Bachman are all about what's great in America.

Lori Ann H.
Lori Hone6 years ago


Robert H.
Robert H6 years ago

The "advertisement" posted in this comment section, has been here at least 7 hours.
Is there anyone with petitioning experience who would like to get one going to Care2? We need to stop this kind of crap.