New director of Fish & Wildlife not animal-friendly

You know someone isn’t very animal-friendly when hunting groups make glowing statements about them. The US Sportsman Alliance, one of those pro-hunting group, is very excited about Obama’s new nomination for the new director of the US Fish and Wildlife service. Last week Obama nominated Sam D. Hamilton to take the reigns. Here’s the problem: Sam Hamilton is stooge for hunters. Nearly every major hunting group has issued a press release saying they are ecstatic about his nomination. Why? Because Hamilton let’s hunters do whatever they want. Who’s speaking up for the animals?

“Sam is an excellent choice to be the new Director of FWS,” stated William Horn, director of federal affairs for the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance. “He’s been great to work with over the years and brings much common sense to an agency with huge responsibility over the future of our natural resources.” Animals are not natural resources. They are thoughtful, emotional, sentient beings. Animals exist for their own reasons, not as resources for us to use and manage.

Hunters often say they are interested in conservation and pay lip service to respecting the natural world. If they really care about wildlife, why do hunters roam the woods maiming and killing animals? There’s nothing natural about out gunning down wildlife and dragging their bodies back to some suburban home. They say it keeps populations in check, but that is just a rationalization for a cruel bloodsport. We have a huge dog and cat overpopulation problem. Imagine the outrage if some vigilantes went around shooting dogs and cats “to control the population”. Why is it any different for deer, beavers, or any other animal who is regularly hunted?

I don’t doubt Hamilton’s credentials. He has clearly spent a long time working in his field. But we are living in a time of ecological crisis. The United States government should not be appointing leaders who view animals and the earth as mere commonodies to be used for our own gain. That’s the kind of thinking that created the global climate crisis and perpetuates systematic animal abuse. Obama has made some good appointments so far, but this is not one of them.

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Mark O.
Mark O8 years ago

Hunting animals, no matter how disdained among city dwellers used to suckling up to the nearest Whole Foods is not the problem with species annihilation. Deforestation and Climate upheaval destroy far more species.

You speak without knowing, labeling all hunters as bloodthirsty monsters. You obviously pay someone else to gather your food for you and live at the long chain most distant from where our food comes from and the relationship Man has to Nature.

Get out from behind the keyboard and spend a night in a real forest, like in Canada or Alaska with no pepper spray, gun, flashlight or car to run like hell, and you'll begin to know what you're talking about.

Mary Ann Clark
Mary Ann C8 years ago

It's the same old song. We need an animal bill of rights amendment now.

Jean A.
Jean A8 years ago

Really! hunting by far should be abolished. What is killing to do with preserving wildlife? Every name of wildlife was named by Adam in the Bible and Jesus mentioned the Wolf. He also knows humans aren't sensible. The Indian didn't kill all of the buffalo, we did, and we did genocide to them the Indian. Some people enjoy killing. Disgusting. Educating the people would be good but change the implanted thinking process is difficult.

charlotte b.
charlotte b8 years ago

I would love to see a ban on all hunting because I feel that it is so barbaric and primitive that it simply should not be allowed anymore. I am suprised at Barack Obama allowing such a thing to go ahead. I aim to put animal hunting in the past!

Nan B.
Nan B8 years ago

It makes you wonder how the meatball got elected in!!!! We need real caring leaders to take control and watch over our critter crisis. To me man or critter hum!!!! I think I will take critter.

Chaz Gaily Berlusconi
.8 years ago

Sherbet, it seems that favoritism in employing the wrong people seems to be a aworldwide trend, they are like white washed tombs on the outside, but inside they are full of malice, cruelty, and have their own pockets in mind... Lets hope they get voted off... "No Survivors"

Lesley R.
.8 years ago

It's human that need controlling, not wildlife! Cull a few million of them and then let's see where we are.

mary f.
mary f8 years ago

the fish and game service does more to help hunters than fish and game this is all wrong

Lynn Barnes
Lynn Barnes8 years ago

How you possibly not be animal friendly when your in charge of fish and wildlife.

Amanda R.
Amanda R8 years ago

Is the blog writer, or any of the commentors, aware that the Fish & Wildlife Administration has ALWAYS been against animals? Are you aware that they actually physically DO things to ecosystems to perpetuate the overpopulation myth?

Let me clarify. They go into places like woods and kill the natural predators of animals like deer, so that the population grows unnaturally. Then, instead of killing the sick/weak animals (which would control the population... even though technically the ecosystem has that under control), they kill the strongest males. One male can impregnate 20 females, so they just mate more to make up for the loss in population.

So the bottom line is that there is no divine human force necessary to control animal populations. Even though we are destroying their habitats like wildfire, nature is STILL more perfect. This is just a justification for a cruel sport which, frankly, we should not tout as a "right," but we should be questioning why people get pleasure from killing innocent creatures. (Abusing one animal leads to abusing another, i.e. HUMANS.)

Anyway, my point is, no matter who becomes the head, the administration will still be linked to hunting and animal cruelty. Instead of finding a good leader, we need to overthrow the system. Sorry if that's inconvenient, but it's true.