New Greyhound Racing Tracks Open in Vietnam


Last month, GREY2K USA learned that a businessman named Nguyen Ngoc My announced that he intends to build greyhound racetracks throughout the country, starting with a track in Ha Tinh Province. This expansion occurs at the same time that dog racing is dying in most parts of the world, and raises significant concerns about the welfare of greyhounds that compete in Vietnam.

My opened the first Vietnamese dog track, Lam Son Stadium, in 2000 after being granted a 25 year license. He has also been granted a 30 year license for greyhound racing in neighboring Cambodia, and is working to introduce dog racing there. According to a published report in the Viet Nam News, the track originally imported greyhounds from Australia but now operates as an independent breeding facility:

“Since 2000, My has imported 200 greyhound dogs from Australia, which have given birth to 400 dogs. Around 350 of the total of 600 dogs take part in races. His centre is the only one of its kind if Asia.”

On Wednesday, GREY2K USA Board Member Charmaine Settle returned from Vietnam, where she investigated the dog racing industry. She took the photographs in this post, and we will soon release a detailed report on her visit. Charmaine did indicate that there appears to be no greyhound adoption effort there.

In addition, in the last few days a local advocate named Lisa Warden has posted two videos on YouTube that she says are of the Vietnamese dog racing industry. According to Lisa, the first video documents the racetrack kennel at Lam Son Stadium, while the second video documents the way in which greyhounds are transported in Vietnam.

As dog racing ends in the United States and elsewhere, greyhound breeders have falsely claimed that this positive trend could somehow lead to an expansion of dog racing elsewhere. This is patently false, but the sad reality is that if there are places in the world where greyhound racing can be profitable, then people will try to take advantage of these beautiful dogs for their own benefit. That will happen regardless of what is happening in the United States or the United Kingdom.

As a humane community, we should be concerned about greyhounds suffering wherever it occurs, whether it is in Tucson, Arizona or Vung Tau, Vietnam. To truly help greyhounds, we must join together as a global community and support each other until dog racing ends everywhere. To keep informed about how you can help, you can sign up for the GREY2K USA action alerts.


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Douglas J.
Douglas J4 years ago

For the public that are in love an care with their pets this up coming tragedy has got to be stopped before it even starts. Greyhounds are going to be running for their lifes literally because if they don't make the grade they will be sentence to death by some greedy owner that is only concerned about making a profit from this action.STOP GREYHOUND RACING IN VIETNAM NOW!!

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

I wish I had not watched Lisa's videos of these poor sweet dogs!! Now I am crying because of the terrible life these dogs will have to live!! A cage is NOT living!!!

I pray that the end to racing dogs is near!!!

John C.
John C.6 years ago

First time I listen about dog racing before this I knew only about car racing and horse racing. This is really very strange for me.

Racing Tracks

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright6 years ago

This is highly disturbing and I wish there was something I could do to stop this moron. Dog racing should be banned worldwide.

You can add Vietnam to the other Asian countries that have horrendous anti~animal and human rights mentalities. Very shameful. I only hope that something is done and I can read about how this POS My has been shut down permanently {the businessman and the human}.

Sheri D.
Sheri D6 years ago

Dog racing should be banned worldwide.

Pat Coetzer
Pat Coetzer6 years ago

Cruelty is worldwide and in some instances is just out of pure ignorance and lack of education. But countries where deliberate abuse to animals occurs to make money is just diabolical, for e.g. farm animals are horrifically treated from baby piglets being castrated without any care to their crying, to calves being removed the moment they are born from their mother and continually battered. Baby chicks who have their beaks cut. Then there is the cows who are kept continually pregnant for their milk and they end up with the excrutiating pain of mastitis. The female pigs who are put into cages where they are constantly in a laying position without the space to stand up or turn around, forced to just lay feeding their babies all day long. What about China - Where cats, dogs and raccoons are beaten to death for their fur - dragged out of their cages by their legs and continually thrust to the ground until they die or are knocked unconscious. They are then tied up by their back legs and skinned. If they are not dead, they soon come round and go through the most horrific torture and then are thrown on to a pile with other animals who have gone before them and die slow agonising deaths. Thailand is another country, but everyone praises the place for its beauty and wonderful holidays. I wonder if they know what is happening there. These are just some of the countries that should be boycotted. I have never heard of such cruelty in all shapes and forms than I read and hear about now. I

m Shiel
M s6 years ago

Vietnam is a cruel country They torture people I cannot imagine the horrific suffering the dogs will endure Will someone please stop the tracks from opening?

Carrie Anne Brown

sad news but thanks for sharing

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky6 years ago

"There is nothing humane about some humans - beware, it seems to be a growing fungus among us...."