New Hampshire House Defeats Gay Marriage Repeal


Lawmakers in the New Hampshire House have defeated a measure that would have repealed the state’s 2009 same-sex marriage law.

Legislators voted down the bill 211-116 on Wednesday with a bipartisan majority.

Said equality group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families:

“Today is a banner day for the freedom to marry. Our opponents have been crowing about getting their two-thirds, but in the end, it’s clear they couldn’t muster the votes. This is a victory for our supporters — the majority of Granite Staters who oppose any roll back of marriage equality — because they reached out time and again and told lawmakers to leave this law alone.

This was our opponents’ best shot and they blew it. This was supposed to be the most favorable legislative climate for repeal and they couldn’t even get a majority.

Still, we cannot simply pack our bags and go home. Our opponents still want to end marriage equality in New Hampshire and we must keep a watchful eye on the Legislature, and make sure voices of equality are heard in November.

But this is a good day for all New Hampshire families who can celebrate tonight and know their marriages are no longer under attack in Concord.”

State representative David Bates (R) wanted to repeal the 2009 marriage law and replace it with a watered down version of civil unions that would have also allowed any two unmarried adults to form a partnership.

Bates argued that gay marriage undermined marriage in the state and some lawmakers during the debate likened same-sex marriage to polygamy and bestiality.

Bates also sought a non-binding referendum, saying that the people of New Hampshire should get a chance to vote on marriage equality. That proposal was defeated 188-162.

Same-sex marriage advocates pointed out that marriage equality opponents, including Bates, abandoned a 2010 push to put marriage equality on the ballot because there wasn’t enough support:

“Among eligible towns, 69% rejected the petition drive,” said an earlier release from Standing Up for New Hampshire Families. “Among all incorporated places, that figure is 71%. Even among all towns which actively considered the petition, where enough signatures were gathered to force a vote, the measure was defeated in 58% of those communities.”

As such, equality advocates say, the people have already decided this matter. You can look at a breakdown of those figures here.

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Ashley D.
Ashley D.5 years ago

Further to my previous comment: the OT condemns homosexual behaviour but Jesus came to fulfil the eternal law - suggested in the OT - by preaching love and forgiveness to all, though there has to be repentance. How else is it that former gays have repented, changed their lifestyles and become Christians?

Ashley D.
Ashley D.5 years ago

'Gay marriage does not work - men are just too predatory' - the words of gay rock star Pete Burns.

Ashley D.
Ashley D.5 years ago

'Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to many people (Proverbs Ch 14, verse 34)'.
Even the UK's first openly gay MP, Ben Bradshaw, does not agree to gay marriage.
'What a man sows, he will reap'.

Adam G.
Adam G5 years ago

congratulations New Hampshire, on proving your state to be one where rationality & human decency are practiced. if only your backwards sister states could learn from your example.

sheila l5 years ago

Civil marriages should be available for all peoples in the USA.

One cannot think a civil marriage is equivalent to opposite sex marriage which procreates and sustains the race. Really? You asked, I told. Biology and reproduction put man and woman relationships in a whole different perspecive. The sex is different!

Joseph Belisle
Joseph Belisle5 years ago

It is literally depressing to me how some people view gay marraige. Beastiality? Polygamy?
And equal rights should never be decided by popular vote.

Jeanne M.
Jeanne M5 years ago

Good for you, New Hampshire!

Emmalou Brandenberg
Emma Blydenburgh5 years ago

Well done.

Seabert B.
Seabert B5 years ago

Stay strong New Hampshire, one day the other states will wake up once the old fools are all out of office.

Krysti Schwab
Past Member 5 years ago

good job NH one step closer to total marriage equality