New McCaskill Ad Speaks To Veterans [VIDEO]

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill releases a new ad targeted to the veterans of her state.

“When heroes are laid to rest, the least they deserve is a Senator who never will.”


Photo credit: Youtube Screen Capture


Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

@ Debbie B,.,. “to defend the country”.or corporate interests. As another veteran, I felt the need to complete your sentence. It is hard to claim defense of your country when it has not been attacked, isn't it ?

Carl Oerke
Carl O6 years ago

While I have not always agreed with all of Claire's positions one thing is for certain. If you sacrifice your life in defense of our country and are laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery your grave should not be misplaced. That is the very least that we owe our fallen warriors. That and so much more.

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady6 years ago

As a Veteran I know that every young man or woman who joins the military is signing a blank check to their Government to do with them as they deem necessary to defend the country.

Those who suffer the ultimate sacrifice and I knew many of them, deserve the ultimate respect from the people who sent them off to war.

Thank God for people like Senator McCaskill, who get this.

Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie6 years ago

Claire speeks out of both sides of her mouth, just depends who she's talking to. we are working very hard to send her home with her airplane and billionaire husband. she is the 1% who could care less about anyone but herself.

Aurea Walker

That is a woman with courage to do right by our soldiers and constituents. Hope she stay strong against the opposition.

Michael Maday
Michael Maday6 years ago

Good for her! I live in Missouri and this is the first pro-ad I've seen. The GOP has obviously spent a lot of dough on getting rid of her and flooded TV with attack ads.

J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

Kudos to Claire for representing ALL her constituents!

Sue H.
Sue H6 years ago

Glad to know that there is one elected official who is willing to fight the good fight for our veterans.