New Mountain Lion Sighting in the Hollywood Hills Brings Hope

Conservationists are celebrating the confirmation of a new mountain lion in California’s Hollywood Hills after images were captured by a wildlife camera.

The images were taken just after midnight on October 26 by a camera that was placed in the newly protected “Let’s Buy A Mountain” preserve. The 17-acre plot of land is being purchased by Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW), the Laurel Canyon Land Trust, the Laurel Canyon Association and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority in an effort to protect it from development forever.

“We knew this land was special and we knew that it was one of the largest remaining unmolested habitats in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains so we put this camera up here to document the real inhabitants not the homes surrounding it,” said Tony Tucci, CLAW Chairperson and co-founder.

The camera has captured a variety of species from raccoons, birds, and foxes to frollicking deer, but the image of the mountain lion marks the second time a  mountain lion has been documented in the area east of the 405 freeway.

Posted by Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Inc. on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The only other known mountain lion is Griffith Park’s famous P-22, who managed to successfully cross two major Los Angeles freeways, the 405 and 101, to make it to his new home on the eastern side of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The area’s network of multi-lane freeways are an immense and very deadly barrier for these mountain lions – more than a dozen attempting to cross have been killed by vehicles since 2002. Sadly, without the ability to expand and establish new territories, they face problems that come with a lack of genetic diversity. Researchers recently gave them a 99.7 percent chance of going extinct in the next 50 years due to inbreeding.

CLAW noted in a statement that the new images are proof that undeveloped land and wildlife corridors are so important to wildlife, adding that the LA City Planning Department has been working on the issue since it passed a Wildlife Corridor. The ordinance establishes a wildlife habitat linkage zone between the 405 and Griffith Park, but it could still be another two years before protections are implemented.

So far the new sighting is still a promising sign for mountain lions, and although it’s unclear whether this newcomer is a male or female, it’s hoped that it is a female who could be a potential mate for P-22.

“October has been an incredible month for this camera-a bevy of quail, exquisite deer kicking up their feet in a happy dance… then a bob cat blessed our camera with the most gorgeous sunset over the City of LA. And then just after midnight on the 26th. . . THIS mountain lion appeared. We don’t know if its female, but we certainly hope so. A mate for P-22 would be terrific news,” added Tucci.

For more on how to help protect this land, check out Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife and Let’s Buy A Mountain. For more on how to help support a wildlife crossing to protect Santa Monica’s mountain lions, check out Save LA Cougars.

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