New Wind Turbine Design to Generate Power from Low Winds


Written by Derek Markham

The stereotypical wind turbine design demands a lot of clearance around it, a tall tower, and plenty of high winds, but a new design could change all of that.

The Wind Harvester is a serious departure from most wind turbine designs, not only because of its horizontal design and the type motion required to generate power, but because it is claimed to be able to produce electricity from both high and low wind speeds.

“The new Wind Harvester is based on a reciprocating motion that uses horizontal aerofoils similar to those used on aeroplanes. It is virtually noise-free and can generate electricity at a low speed, which may result in less opposition to new installations. It will also be operational at higher wind speeds than current wind turbines. – Wind Power Innovations

The inventor of the Wind Harvester, Heath Evdemon (founder of Wind Power Innovations), has support from Nottingham Trent University’s Future Factory project, and a large-scale working model is expected to be installed in the Derbyshire Peak District.

According to Gizmag, Evdemon said “We’re looking for potential sites within the Peak District National Park at the moment and then we’ll turn our attention to industry, but it’s a product which could one day be rolled out to farms working towards becoming carbon neutral and homeowners looking for a cheap and sustainable source of power.”

The Wind Harvester is said to be able to be manufactured in any size up to 15 meters across, only needs to be about half a meter off the ground, and the device can be broken down into manageable pieces so the installation process will not need to use heavy machinery, which is a boon in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Nicole Pauline Sedkowski
Nicole Sedkowski6 years ago


LD B6 years ago

Lydia said "And they're going to put them lower to the ground, what else will die?"

Such as?

BTW, how many bats fly at a half-meter above the ground?

Heather M.
Heather Marv6 years ago

Could you also invent one that wont kill the birds and bats too because then everybody will be happy. Maybe somehow create one that has a type of cage around the blades so creatures can be injured that would be so much better. Apparently wind turbines kill a lot of birds,bats and that includes eagles in areas where they live and I know we definitely need cleaner ways but I would really like to see ways to protect our bird, bat (and even the insects) friends.

Roxana J.
Roxana J6 years ago

great job, at least there is people trying something different!!

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim6 years ago

Cool, nice invention!

Sonya Armenia Redfield

They don't look good & i am seeing more & more of them all over England in the country side & a lot of birds get killed each year from these but i don't think many people think about that & that's a shame !

Shawn A.
Shawn A.6 years ago

We all need to get one of these. Wind and solar will help us slowly recover our world.

Mary B.
Mary B6 years ago

And the more of these kinds of things that can be put at their point of use, the better.People feel empowered when they can produce at least some of their own energy. I also think it helps to get more conscious about conserving energy use when you can moniter how much you're generating and how much you're useing.Definately beats blaming and complaining and wallowing in dispair over how hopeless things seem.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

Wind Power is slowly getting to the point where all will be safe.
To me it is sure better than the huge Hydro Lines.

Lydia Price

Why does no one ever discuss the deaths of birds and bats caused by these designs? And they're going to put them lower to the ground, what else will die? I'm all for wind energy, but let's work on the designs to make them safer for everyone.