New York Is Poised to Ban Fur Statewide

Animal advocates are applauding another major step towards cruelty-free fashion, thanks to a bill that would put and end to fur sales in New York.

Earlier this week, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal took another stand for animals by introducing legislation to ban manufacturing fur and make it illegal to “sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, give, donate, or otherwise distribute a fur product by any means in the state” with limited exceptions. If the bill passes, it would go into effect on January 1, 2021.

“Increasingly, consumers are looking to make ethical and sustainable purchases — fur is neither of those,” Rosenthal told the New York Post. “The fur trade has at its core a violence toward animals that is antithetical with our modern views on animals as human companions and sentient beings.”

The bill notes that as animal cruelty laws have progressed, more and more people are choosing not to support the fur industry and turning to alternatives. Yet even though a growing number of major designers are eschewing fur, many retailers are still selling fur and keeping fur farms in business.

Unfortunately, millions of animals continue to be violently killed for their fur every year. The majority of them are raised and killed on fur farms, where deplorable and inhumane living conditions take a major psychological and physical toll on furbearers. The tragedy of the short and miserable lives they live on fur farms is only compounded by their deaths via gassing, bludgeoning or electrocution.

Fortunately, as people learn more about how cruel, wasteful, unfashionable and environmentally-unfriendly fur really is, we’ve continued to celebrate a growing number of fur bans. Now two other states, including Hawaii and California, are considering similar legislation that would ban fur sales statewide.

If this bill passes in New York, not only would it help protect fur-bearing animals from needless suffering, but it would also send a strong message that there’s nothing fashionable about animal cruelty.

Despite the many reasons to end this inherently cruel industry for good, the proposed legislation in New York is already facing opposition. According to the New York Post, the Fur Information Council of America has already secured two lobbying firms and a PR firm to fight the bill and urge people to continue to support wearing fur.


You can help by signing and sharing this Care2 petition urging lawmakers in New York to take a stand for fur-bearing animals.

Creating a Care2 petition is easy. If you have an issue you care deeply about, why not start your own petition? Here are some guidelines to help you get started and soon the Care2 community will be signing up to support you.


Photo Credit: Oikeutta elaimille/Flickr


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With the technical advances in fabric manufacture, killing animals is unnecessary.

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There was a protest in London recently against Canada Goose.. one of the most vicious and notrious companies that sells fur from tortured wildlife. Not surprisingly this group of Canada Goose criminals come from Canada, where there's no shortage of savages and criminals that commit atrocities against wildlife like the seal massacres.

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