New York’s Same-Sex Marriage Lottery, a NOM Rally and Hairy Puppet Marriage


This Sunday sees the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York and, because clerk offices have decided to open for the event, it also means the first day gay marriages can be performed in the state.

So many same-sex couples wanted to mark this historic day by also making it their wedding day that Mayor Michael Bloomberg created a lottery system so that couples had a fair and equal chance of obtaining a license without having to wait in line four hours only to be disappointed.

Here’s the story of one anxious couple who were waiting to find out whether they would be chosen (via Such Is Life Videos):

Same-Sex Marriage Lottery: Now Everybody Wins!

However, the good news is the city has decided to allow all 823 registered couples to marry Sunday by increasing the limits on how many couples can marry in certain boroughs.


The clerk’s offices in each of the five boroughs have their own limit of couples for this Sunday. Each of the outer boroughs had enough spots for interested couples, but in Manhattan where only 400 spots were available, 533 couples registered, according to New York Magazine.

In order to accommodate everyone, city officials decided to expand the number of ceremonies in Manhattan to 459 and the other 74 couples who applied to marry in Manhattan will instead marry in one of the other four boroughs.

Both straight and gay couples were allowed to register in the lottery Thursday and those who registered didn’t have to reveal their genders, so it is unknown how many of the 823 couples intending to marry are gay, New York Magazine said.

NY Gay Marriage Protests

Anti-gay marriage groups will be holding a rally Sunday rather loftily called “Stand Up and Be Heard Let the People Vote!”

The drive is backed by the National Organization for Marriage which has decided to waste pledged over $2 million to overturn New York’s gay marriage law at the ballot.

New York does not currently have a referendum process although there have been moves to change that. Even if gay marriage went to the ballot, a convincing majority in New York polls in favor of same-sex marriage. With that being an upward trend, it would appear voters are even less likely to want to take away a right to same-sex marriage that, by the time a referendum process could be enacted, will have been in force for quite a while.

Puppet Marriage

2008 Cover by outlookmedia, via Flickr

2008 Cover by outlookmedia, via Flickr

Among those soon to be tying the knot are puppet characters Rod and Ricky from the award-winning musical Avenue Q. They’ll be getting hitched before Sunday’s matinee performance. Rod released the following statement regarding their joyous celebration (via On Top Magazine):

“To have this finally happen for us — especially so soon after Will and Kate — is unbelievable to me. I realize there are a lot of broken hearts out there now that Ricky and I are off the market … but I’ve known since Day One that Ricky is the husband for me. He’s the furry fellow I want to spend my life with both on and off the stage.”

(I’d like to point out NOM never warned us about puppet marriage. This changes everything!)

Avenue Q’s soon-to-be married couple will not be alone among the jazz hands and soaring ballads crowd as Rory O’Malley, co-founder of marriage equality group Broadway Impact,  recently announced that “several same-sex couples from the Broadway community will be getting married onstage [at the St. James Theatre]…immediately following [Sunday] evening’s performance of HAIR.” You can find out more about that here.

There are a whole host of events planned throughout the state, and New York looks set to break its own record for the number of marriages to be carried out in one day, so congratulations to all same-sex couples in New York who are looking forward to marrying this Sunday, and in the months and years ahead!


Photo used under the MorgueFile user license, with thanks to mensatic.


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

$2,000,000!?!? Guess they haven't heard about the devastating starvation going on in parts of Africa? Or homelessness in USA? Or any other just cause for spending $2,000,000? Sheesh!

Suzanne B.
Sue B6 years ago

It is high time that we celebrate the fact that we are living up to our Founding Father's vision of liberty and justice for ALL. Notice that no where in our founding documents does it state that those freedoms are based on the Bible or are subjective to the opinion of those who do not agree. I actually feel bad for those who think they have a right to dictate how others live their lives. If the people of NOM have religious objections, fine, let them object, but they have no right to push their religious beliefs on the remainder of us. One has to wonder why they are so vehemently pushing back with this massive amount of money, when if they read their Bible, it would tell them that money would be much better used to help the poor and needy in their midst. How many meals for poverty striken people could $2mil feed? Hypocrites, each and every one. Congrats to the newly weds.

Lepidopter Phoenyx

Malka, your god has nothing to do with my marriage, even though we're hetero, as he isn't one of my or my husband's gods. (Yes, he and I have different pantheons).
There were no scriptures from your holy book read by the JP who signed our marriage license in his office. The State of Louisiana says that our marriage is legally real.

So you're right, for many people, gay or straight, "...what GOD says and what it says in the Bible does not mean anything..."

Read more:

gardenia m.
gardenia moore6 years ago

I rather see a happy gay couple versus a miserable heterosexual couple any day. Looks like gays marry for love. Guess it's acceptable to marry for status and money as long as your straight. Comical.

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way6 years ago

I just love the folks who think they speak for God. Pretty sure God has spoken, else there would be no Gay folks. Everyone is entitled to seek happiness and love. May all the peoples of this world find happiness and love and ignore the petty little hate filled ones.

Laurita Walters
Laurita Walters6 years ago

May these same-sex marriages last longer and have more joy than either of my heterosexual attempts!

Antoinette, beware: prejudice is ugly, and wrong regardless of its target.
and Malka, a God of Love would approve a commitment of love. To which god do you pray? The bible is full of hate and horror as well as loveliness.

Helle H.
Helle H6 years ago

Good news.

malka c.
malka c6 years ago

I guess what GOD says and what it says in the Bible does not mean anything any more.

Franz Grabe
Franz Grabe6 years ago

Marriage is not a divine order! It is a mane made ritual!!!!
And it is only a confirmation of commitment and love.
What is the problem???

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance6 years ago

With all the war and strife in this world; the famine in Somalia; the threat of nuclear holocaust; the threats to near extinction animals; global warming and climate change; humanity's inhumanity --- must I go on --- why are so many people wasting their energies on protesting against gay marriage?

Why not rechannel your energies into actions to lift up people rather than tear them down? Why not celebrate the love that people hold for each other and respect their wishes to be one?
Marriage is about love and commitment! That being said, why are there so many divorces among the hetersexual population? Where is their commitment and love?

I wish a life of joy, love and fulfillment to all gay couples as they say their vows and become one.