The Youngest Arizona Victim: Christina-Taylor Green

Christina-Taylor Green, just elected to her 3rd grade student council, wanted to meet her Representative, Gabrielle Giffords — to learn more about politics. Nine-year-old Christina-Taylor died when a gunman opened fire at a “Congress On Your Corner” event hosted by Rep. Giffords. 

Christina’s father, John Green, told the Arizona Star “She [Christina] was a good speaker. I could have easily seen her as a politician,” noting that she had been interested in politics from a young age, possibly due to the circumstances of her birth. She was one of 50 babies featured in the book Faces Of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11. Christina told her parents that she wanted to go to Penn State and planned to devote her life to helping those less fortunate. The third grader was known for telling her mother, Roxanne Green, “We are so blessed. We have the best life.”   

Christina was the only girl on the Canyon del Oro Little League team. She played second base. Her grandfather is former major league pitcher Dallas Green. She  loved dance, specifically ballet, hip-hop and jazz; her parents added that she also loved animals and singing in church. She and her 11-year old brother Dallas loved to swim together. Christina’s parents told KVOA that she was “excited about life” and “the best daughter in the world.”

Christina’s mother summed it all up in her comment to The Arizona Star, saying “She was born back east and Sept. 11 affected everyone there, and Christina-Taylor was always very aware of it. She was very patriotic and wearing red, white and blue was really special to her. She was all about helping people, and being involved. It’s so tragic. She went to learn today and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people.”

Photo from the Green family


LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Bless you Christina, you touched so many in your short time on this planet. Thank you and rest in peace little one!!

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Bless you Christina, you touched so many in your short time on this planet. Thank you and rest in peace little one!!

Ann P.
A P7 years ago

What a special child.

Garret McCarty
Garret McCarty7 years ago


Michael J.
Michael Jennings7 years ago

In Loving Tribute to Christina Taylor Green

Christina, O’ Christina

Your youthful dreams and aspirations
Have given rise to a renewed sense of meaning
You’ve shown us by your love and hopes
Your budding dreams and aspirations bold
The truest meaning of what life was meant to be

But rest ye’ in peace, oh little child
For through the wonderment of your being
And youthful dreams and aspirations
You germinated within us the very seeds
To better guide us toward new tomorrows

Though youthful were the years you lived
Your mind and heart were filled with hope
For never did you waver or question
That your private dreams and aspirations
Would one day come to change our own

In the too few years granted by your God
You sought to make for us a better world
Where equality was open to all His children
Where your dreams and aspirations brightly shone
To give light to our darkened souls

The memories that you left behind
Will forever remain within our hearts
And every mention of your name
Will bring us all to reflect upon
The dreams and aspirations you wished for all

Yes, Christina, you are an angel now
Looking pretty with your angel wings
Yes, there you are now, truly free
To jump amongst the puddles once again
Created not by tears but from your dreams

And may those inherent dreams and aspirations
You sought for better times in our broken world
Radiate brightly from your clear-eyed glaze
To shine forever down upon those left be

Gloria W.
Gloria W.7 years ago

she was so beautiful...

Gloria W.
Gloria W.7 years ago

very sad!!

Sally Roach
Sally Roach7 years ago

to marsha aronson: how could you find any kind of comfort in an act like this?? If you have thought s such as yours you should keep them to yourself!!

Amber M.
Amber Beasley7 years ago


Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

Poor child, my heart is with your family!