NJ Black Bear Hunt to Go on as Scheduled

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The citizens of New Jersey have spoken, but those in office choose not to listen.

A report showing the public’s opinion on the scheduled December black bear hunt in NJ has just been released.  Despite the overwhelming number of comments against a statewide black bear hunt, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Robert Martin is in favor of allowing the hunt to go on as scheduled.

In a January 2010 letter to his staff, the newly appointed DEP Commissioner said “Our regulations and decisions need to be based on sound science, facts and a robust cost/benefit analysis. We will also continue to vigorously enforce our environmental laws to protect the health and safety of all our residents.”

But the fact remains that neither Martin, nor Governor Christie, have met with any members of the BEAR Coalition to hear the reasons for opposing the hunt.  They have, however, met with representatives of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA), a pro-hunting lobby.

NJOA, who claim their scientific evidence supports a hunt, also like to brag about their work in helping Christie win the gubernatorial election last November.

So yes, this is another example of politics as usual.  Out of the 9,287 public comments received, 6,484 were against the proposed black bear hunt, leaving 2,803 in favor.  Not only was this the largest number of responses ever received on an issue, it clearly shows New Jersey residents do not want the hunt to take place.

So why is the hunt still scheduled?  The powers in charge want it.

The public voice needs to be heard even louder.  Contact DEP Commissioner Martin and Governor Christie and demand they meet with representatives of the Coalition to Protect New Jersey Bears. 

Here are some points to mention:

  • The vast majority of writers in the public comment period are against this bear hunt. 
  • Out of 9,287, a whopping 6,484 were against the hunt. 
  • The estimated cost for the proposed black bear hunt is $600,000 for NJ taxpayers.  Each bear killed will cost about $2000.
  • The DEP Commissioner and the Governor have listened to only one side of this issue.  They have NOT met with Coalition representatives, but they have met with representatives of the NJOA, a pro-hunting lobby. 
  • Ask Commissioner Martin to listen to the “sound science, facts and a robust cost/benefit analysis” he stated his administration would.
  • Ask Governor Christie to listen to all sides in the matter, not just the groups that supported his election.
  • NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has not enforced NJ law NJSA 23:2A-14 — which disallows the feeding of black bears and enforces garbage control.  By not enforcing the law, logically it increases complaints from residents about the bears, which DFW uses to justify a hunt.
  • Taxpayer monies being spent on lawsuits against the hunt is adversely affecting the state’s budget.  More lawsuits being considered will only increase the deficit.

Martin can be contacted at 609-292-2885 or through fax at 609-292-7695.  Governor Christie’s number is 609-292-6000 and his fax is 609-292-3454.  Christie can be contacted through email at the State of New Jersey website.

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Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton5 years ago

It is cheaper and less dangerous to give them birthcontrol than kill them. Shame on you Christie!! You are worse than a Pig!!!

David F.
David F6 years ago

Why is it people always have to kill something to feel like a big man? What is the point? What will they hunt after all the wildlife is gone? Hopefully, each other. The world will be a much better place to live when these idiots are gone.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Sadly the hunt will go on despite the overwhelming objection of the people. there are probably some rich cronies of the Gov. who want the glamor and excitement of killing a real, live bear. I hope some news organizations will get involved to publicize this, and I hope the voters will be reminded of this come election time.

Gianna M.
Gianna Macias6 years ago

What is the matter? Has the governor been paid to do this. His office should be investigated, not only it is wrong, most of the people of New Jersey DO NOT APPROVE. Stop this BLOOD THIRSTY moron politician. It is time money, power hungry politicans are stopped, before they destroy the US and their people.

jilaina w.
JILAINA w6 years ago

This is just wrong on so many levels!

Kali Rose
Khadijah Sunrise7 years ago

This is so upsetting! I can't believe that people can legitimately kill these creatures :-(

Pam S.
Pam S.7 years ago

What is the real purpose of an annual Black Bear hunt in NJ?
To eventually kill off all the Black Bears - systematically through a "legal hunt". What will be your next "feel like a big man" target when the bears are non-existent? God forbid something beautiful, interesting and cool to see exists in NJ - and let's crucify the people who choose life over death. To all you freaks who live in a wooded area and a wild animal comes into your yard - move to Brooklyn!!! Why not kill off all wild creatures, pour more concrete, certainly NJ can't get enough concrete, set up more toll booths, continue to vote for more spending and increased property taxes - you are all foolish tools in the Governments hands. Keep supporting oppression over freedom - you are doing a great job!

Love Animals Too
Diane Miller7 years ago

It is a crime to destroy the Lord's creatures. Stop killing for the sake of human comfort. Start using your head and come up with intelligent solutions to these man made problems.

Mireille L.
Mireille L7 years ago

ALL life should be respected as we were all put here for some reason ... all creatures great and small have a right to be here and who are we, and what right do we have, to take there lives???

Joy A.
Joy A.7 years ago

how dare these people wanting to hunt these beautiful animals who have done nothing wrong in this world of ours. Remember
God created them to be our friends and that we are to LOOK
after them. Please if you can put a stop to this immediately.

Joy Ashall - South Africa