‘No Gifts, Please’ Say Will & Kate (Maybe)

I’m no ‘royal watcher’ but did find of interest a report that Prince William and Kate Middleton are considering asking guests at their wedding (scheduled for April 29th) to make donations to charitable organizations instead of sending wedding gifts, according to Metro.co.uk. The royal couple indeed ‘will have access to tremendous wealth’ (according to an Associated Press story) and ‘are said to be determined to make sure their wedding is not seen as overly ostentatious at a time when the British economy is hurting.’ 

At a time when people there in the UK and here in the US and worldwide have been hurting due to the economic recession, a royal wedding that uses the ‘learning to live with less’ philosophy seems wise, from a public relations standpoint. There are indeed reports of public transportation strikes in the London Underground on April 29th, notes the Guardian, while other rumors say that Middleton ‘will be arriving at Westminster Abbey by car as opposed to a carriage.’

Personally, I think it’s just a good idea to consider. I rather wish we had done the same at our wedding, 17 years ago. Like more and more couples, Jim and I already had plenty of our own ‘household/small appliance’ sort of items; had plenty of ‘stuff.’ We really did not need the four rice cookers, boxes of flatware and crystal and ceramic serving platters, and ornate candlesticks and salt and pepper shakers that we received (though those fake wood tray tables a distant relative on my father’s side gave us have come in handy over the years—you never know when you need a tray table). We’ve moved several times around the country, for jobs and in order to find a school district with a good school program for our now-teenage autistic son Charlie, and had to lug all those wedding gifts around. We’ve never used many (those champagne flutes……) and never will. I just packed up three boxes and have plans to donate all of it to someone who will really need and use it all.

Why not get a start in your life together by giving to organizations that offer something to causes you believe in? 

Any thoughts of which charities that you might like to recommend, in lieu of wedding gifts to the royal couple?

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

thanx for article

Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

It's a good idea, it's not like they need any presents!

mrs v.
valerie murphy6 years ago

good P.R

jill bukovnik
jill C6 years ago

This is such a great idea.... I have much respect for the choice they made.

It's a good start to a happy marriage.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.7 years ago

i like this. and i like the suggestion of donating to dianas charity, and to pay their own wedding. i think it's fine to have hierarchy... but i never understood why taxe payers should house and pay for government. yes they are in certain points, doing the people a service, but just like anyone else, it's their job. in this case, their luxury.

Sheri P.
Sheri P7 years ago

Cool! Kudos to Will and Kate.

Therese K.

God bless both of them, may they marriage be all they are dreaming about. As for which charities should benefit, I think everyone that want to buy a wedding gift should decide for himself.

Jody W.
Jody Williams7 years ago

That is considerate of them... I still dont get what all the hubaloo over their british royal wedding is about, but at least they're aware.

Candace M.
Candace M.7 years ago

Just a thought, but they should pick one of Princess Diana's charities to donate to as a way of acknowledging her absence on such a special day. I think she'd be very proud of the way William has turned out. He seems to be a very kind and humble gentleman.

Jo C.
Jo C7 years ago