No, It’s Not “Fixed” – 3 Problems That Remain After Trump Ends Policy Separating Children from Parents

President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to quell the uproar over the White House’s policy of deliberately separating migrant parents and children who arrive at the U.S. border. Now Trump wants credit for devising this order, which is outrageous not just because it was his administration that created this problem in the first place, but because he really hasn’t fixed much of anything.

That’s because Jeff Sessions’ “zero tolerance” approach to border security is still very much intact. Ending family separation is great, but it’s but one of but several cruel policies designed to terrify and deter other immigrants.

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Here are a few of the problems that persist after the executive order:


Although it’s somewhat of a relief to know that families won’t be torn apart at the border, it’s hard to celebrate the plan to hold entire family units in detention centers together. Keeping innocent kids confined in substandard conditions (even with their parents!) still constitutes child abuse.

Bear in mind that crossing the border is considered a misdemeanor – it shouldn’t warrant locking up entire families for perhaps months at a time waiting for a court date. There are other ways to hold people who try to enter the country without permission accountable that don’t involve such cruel punishment.


If you hoped the White House would prioritize reuniting the families already affected by its cruel policy, sadly that’s incorrect. While the executive order prevents the separation of migrant families moving forward, it does not apply to the thousands of children who have already been put into detention away from their parents.

Just because the executive order doesn’t spell it out doesn’t mean the administration won’t take it upon itself to fix the problem anyway, right? Wrong. Kenneth Wolf of Administration for Children and Families clarified to the press, “There will not be a grandfathering of existing cases. I can tell you definitively that is going to be policy.”

To make matters worse, the government never attempted to figure out how to reunite the families they tore apart in the first place. It’s going to be a logistical nightmare trying to bring these kids and parents together… even if that happens months from now.


One of the biggest problems with Trump’s executive order is that it seemingly contradicts a 1997 court decision that limits the amount of time children can be held in detention to 20 days. Therefore, holding kids indefinitely with their parents won’t actually work out.

The fear many have is that the courts will be obligated to remove the kids from detention centers and place them in other homes while the parents remain behind for who knows how long. Then the Trump administration will pass the buck and insist it’s the courts that are tearing families apart, despite knowingly creating a situation that would lead to that outcome.

Take Action

The United States needs to go much further than Trump’s executive order if it wants to regain any sense of moral standing. The “zero tolerance” approach has got to be scrapped in order to avoid traumatizing children.

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ANA MARIJA R4 months ago

Mary B sadly I agree...

Dave fleming
Dave f4 months ago

Sad indeed

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janis keller
janis keller4 months ago

There are millions of homeless Americans and all leftists care about are illegals

Crystal G
Crystal G4 months ago

Why didn't you care when Obama did similar things?

Mike A.
Mike A.4 months ago

Don't forget that Obama had them stacked and packed in the same facility and when pictures where released NONE OF YOU SORRY IDIOTS SAID A WORD!!!

Mike A.
Mike A.4 months ago

If the people that the children are really with their parents and not human traffickers which happens more time than most.

Mike A.
Mike A.4 months ago

That picture above is fake and made by parents with their child in a dog crate NOT illegal children that cost YOU $120 Billion a year which could pay for American children lunch program or care

Craig Zimmerman
Craig Zimmerman4 months ago

Americans that are arrested and sent to jail are separated from their children. Why are illegal immigrants different?

Annabel Bedini
Annabel Bedini4 months ago

Brian F
Didn't you understand that Hirsi Ayaan was talking about radical Islamic extremists not about everyday Muslims? You could just as well say that woman-hating, gay-hating, anti-abortion-extremist, creationist, blindly pro-Israeli fundamentalist evangelicals represent the whole of the Christian religion.

The worrying problem is, Brian, that you and those like you have been brainwashed into believing the wildest and most prejudiced anti-Muslim propaganda. Can't you see how dangerous this is? It's you and people like you who are inciting hatred and fear. This just leads to a never-ending escalation of violence in which all sides are the losers.

Anyway, as I keep saying, you are way off track. Look to your own administration's appalling record on human rights. Any examples of Muslim countries tearing children away from their parents and keeping them in cages? I think not.