No Kids Under 18 Allowed Outside Without Adult Supervision


A community in Florida is prohibiting anyone under age 18 from going outside unsupervised by an adult.

That’s right: if you’re a kid at Ole Village in Lely Resort, Collier County, Florida, that means no bike riding, no walking to the bus stop, no being outside at all, without an adult. Some parents say their kids are under house arrest.

Actually this isn’t like house arrest. This is house arrest. And since I spend much of my time encouraging kids and their parents to Get Out and enjoy the many benefits of the outdoors, this rule seems sacrilegious to me.

Ten-year-old Yousif Mehyer and his friends have been skateboarding and biking around their neighborhood for years. But for the past few weeks the kids have been stuck indoors.


“They’ve been harassing our kids quite a bit coming up to them telling them they can’t be outside,” said Tony Stein, Ole resident.

According to the housing association rules, all minors under the age of 18 need to be supervised by an adult at all times.

“This is some kind of mistake,” said Stein.

The rule isn’t new, it has been around since the neighborhood was built, but security is just now starting to enforce it.

“Can’t walk to the store, can’t walk to their neighbor’s house, their friends,” said Mihyar.

Why is this going on now? The managing company says they’ve received complaints about noisy kids in the neighborhood who have become a source of annoyance for other residents. They released this statement: “Community associations must impartially enforce the rules found in the governing documents. We hope to have the situation resolved soon to everyone’s satisfaction and to ensure the comfort and safety of all residents.”

Many of the parents say this rule is making their lives far from comfortable and they won’t be around much longer unless their kids can enjoy their own homes.

Well, no, but it’s sad and infuriating that kids can’t just be kids. Children need to play outside to be healthy, and they need to play unsupervised sometimes to develop their own sense of responsibility.

Let’s hope some compromise can be reached here. Cooping children up inside is bad for their physical, mental, and social health. And ultimately, it’s just really sad for these youngsters.


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Cheryl Holzle
Cheryl H5 years ago

It is one thing to require that children be taught that living in a community such as this one means that there must be some considerations for other residents, and quite another to put them under house arrest. So what if the managing company received some complaints. They overstepped their bounds. Exactly how noisy were these kids? Some people get bent out of shape at the least little sound. Some kids are obnoxious-- I once lived in an apartment complex below some brats that were tearing the grounds apart and bouncing balls against the building, and the manager didn't do anything until several tenants complained. This should be handled case-by-case. It is ridiculous to restrict children to the indoors when it is healthy for them to play outside.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

can't they simply enforce a "quiet time"? where if kids are being LOUD they have to be indoors? sounds so over the top to me. wow

Shawna B.
Shawna B.5 years ago

I agree with this rule, mostly. Either teach your kids how to play outside QUIETLY, or keep 'em indoors.

Tatyana Ivanova
Tatyana Ivanova5 years ago

You know, all depends on the age of the children and the place they're going. Althogh I voted 'yes' I daresay that parents should accompany their children when they are under 10 or thereabout. Danger is all around and not all young people know how to act in different situations.

Susan O.
Susan O5 years ago

Who are the 5% that replied "Leaning No" and "No"?

Please step forward and identify yourselves !!!

(PS: You 5% are officially jerkwads ... )

Ruthie B.
Ruthie B.5 years ago

"Its sad that kids can't just be kids" is one line in this article.
I want to take this further. Kids are people, they are human lives at a certain stage of development. If a child is disruptive, then this is an opportunity for the community and family to teach the child to be constructive. This is how people learn, how they grow, and how they develop into adults. Locking them in houses or under helicopter parents is not how functioning adults are molded. In fact, if a child is supervised so much that they are not allowed to do things for themselves, they develop a belief that they are incapable, as well as unworthy of the normal lives of other people (aka adults). This is a recipe for disaster.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

When did we become so isolated in our own little group mentalities that the nosiness of children playing around the community has to be stilled? If you prefer a world without the sounds of children at play, you have become a tragic excuse for an adult human being.

Michael M.
Michael M5 years ago

Flori-Duh... Again you and your creepy Police/ Nanny State come up in the News...

On the flip-side: I wonder how many 'parents' would actually give a damn and ignore the foolishness from the idiot feudal lords of the HOA who are attempting to 'protect' their fiefdoms?

In all honestly, I know too many people who live in HOA's and there are Three sides: The Feudal Lords (HOA Board of Directors), the Peasants who throw rocks at the passing Caravans of their Lords, and the poor sod's who inadvertently bought into this 'community' completely ignorant of the 'rules and regulations'.

Which is why I will NEVER buy into an HOA... :p

Sabina DeBoheme
Sabina D5 years ago

THAT is actually the dumbest thing I've ever heard

Ralph Boone
Ralph B5 years ago

The HOA Sucks they try to control the People and I don't see how some can call them the Govenment.. They would love that title..If they don't want kids having a good time make it a Adult community.. I was checking my oil and fluids in my Driveway.. a Hoa Came by and told me I would have to move the truck in the Garage and shut the door to work on it... Didn't like the color I painted my house .. nothing wrong with it .. Oh did I say I hated the Hoa...