‘No Queers on My Team’ Footballer Fined 15,000 Euros


Italian footballer Antonio Cassano has been fined 15,000 euros by UEFA for an anti-gay comment he made to the press.

Reports Pink News:

UEFA said today: “Following the opening of disciplinary proceedings against Italy’s Antonio Cassano for a discriminatory press statement (Art. 11bis of the Disciplinary Regulations) during UEFA EURO 2012, the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has decided to impose a fine of [Eu]15,000 on the player.

“An appeal can be lodged against this decision within three days of the dispatch of the full written decision.”

Cassano, asked by reporters at a press conference for Euro 2012 whether he thought there were any ‘metrosexuals’ on his team, responded first by asking what a metrosexual was, before going on to say, “If they’re queer, that’s their problem. I hope there aren’t any queers in the national team. But if they’re queer, it’s their business. Are there any? I don’t know.”

There were reports at the time that he had been goaded by reporters who knew he had a tendency to let his mouth run away with him.

Nevertheless, Cassano issued a swift “I’m sorry if anyone took offense” style apology, at the same time denying that he was homophobic.

You can read more on the original story here.


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Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

Cassano, you're such an ignorant dork, shame on you, and keep your mouth shut next time.

Cassano, sei proprio uno stupido ignorante, vergognati, e tieni la bocca chiusa la prossima volta.

Dale Overall

Some people are ignorant and this one is paying for his ignorance. Might teach him something, who knows!

Be very afraid, screams Kath N with her pride of homophobia and Elaine A in lockstep. So very judgemental but not all Christians are busy practicing hatred. "God will clean their clocks big time."
Too bad that some suffer from narrowness of mind and bigotry.

While some commentors feel that this is making a mountain out of a mole hill as there are real issues such as starvation, getting shot at, etc., we should get over it and ignore it...prejudice has often been blindly ignored. Yes, he may not have a lot of brain cells but he does have a following and his comments are taken seriously by some.

Perhaps Kath N thinks that homosexuals are now taking over the world? The newest conspiracy theory?

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

I love a good debate........

Leia P.
Leia P.5 years ago


Bernd Friedel-Onasch

Marilyn L.

Congrats, you nailed that one.
Best comment so far.

The title of the article is hateful.

Timothy Wood
Timothy W5 years ago

Marilyn L.
I agree and you made the point very well. He didn't say what the headline says he did, he did use the word Queer though repeatedly. I still question if the fines were called for though, I just wish people would think about what they say when young people are watching.

I especially agree with you about the reporting. The story started with reporters apparently goading him into the response, and then they misrepresent what he has said. That is more shameful that his own actions. At least he did say in the end “I’m sorry if anyone took offense”
if that much of the article was accurate.

I hope my point earlier isn't misunderstood. I was simply trying to point out that the word Queer is used in a hateful way, and simply should not be used. How he was dealt with I still think was not done justly. He apologized and now people know how he feels. He did answer honestly at least, and that is important.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

As a lesbian I take offense to the term queer, however if the quotes are accurate he never said,NO QUEERS ON MY TEAM. His quotes show him as a man who has been taught certain things about homosexuals and has an indifference about the whole matter. No, he is probably not going to hang out with an openly homosexual male because he's afraid what that will say about him.

I am not so much angry about what he said than I am about the title of this article and how the writer trys to make it something it is not. I am at the point if media people cannot write without trying to sensationalize what they are writing about then they should not write. They are no better than Murdoch and his gang.

Timothy Wood
Timothy W5 years ago

I am sure he can, but I think you missed my point.
Useing the word Queer in that context, is hateful. I was just trying to be fair by pointing out he would not have made the comment if the reporters hadn't asked it in the first place. The league though has made it clear in the past to my understanding that they won't tolerate that type of speech when representing a team or the league. I might be wrong on that. And don't really know that the fine is just.

He did use hateful speech. Just using the word "Queer" in that context is wrong. We don't use the "N" word like that either. I think an awful lot of people miss the point of what type of an affect that has on young kids who watch the sport.

Bernd Friedel-Onasch

Timothy W.
Thanks for your comments, but my question still remains unanswered and I mean the question I asked Nyack C.

As for the comments you made before, I have no objections, I think you were pretty fair and my comment was not in responce to your comment.
It was just a comment on the article,

I just want to know where "the hate speech" that Nyack C.sees is. And I guess only Nyack
can answer that one.

Timothy Wood
Timothy W5 years ago

Bernd F.
Even though I indicated before that he was only answering honestly, it is still true that it was offensive. Maybe not to you, I will assume that you are not gay. Although the word is difined as you say, it can still be used to be offensive.
Queer – Definition from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary (when read completely)
the bible often gets cherry picked as well.

1 a : worthless, counterfeit
b : questionable, suspicious
2 a : differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal
b (1) : eccentric, unconventional (2) : mildly insane : touched
c : absorbed or interested to an extreme or unreasonable degree : obsessed
d (1) often disparaging : homosexual (2) sometimes offensive : gay 4b
3 : not quite well
— queer·ish adjective
— queer·ly adverb
— queer·ness noun

Usage Discussion of QUEER
Over the past two decades, an important change has occurred in the use of queer in sense 2d. The older, strongly pejorative use has certainly not vanished, but a use by some gay people and some academics as a neutral or even positive term has established itself. This development is most noticeable in the adjective but is reflected in the corresponding noun as well. The newer use is sometimes taken to be offensive, especially by older gay men who fostered the acceptance of gay in these uses and still have a strong preference for it.