No, Trans Rights Do Not Mean Men Can Film in Women’s Bathrooms

Maryland is on the verge of passing a new trans-inclusive antidiscrimination law — one most Marylanders appear to think is already on the books. For anyone fair minded, this is common sense legislation, but of course religious conservatives are rallying with lies and disgusting distortions to try to fight the bill.

The legislation, called the Fairness for All Marylanders Act, passed the Senate last week by a 32-15 vote.  The bill would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity across the public accommodations, housing and employment sectors while at the same time giving exemptions to religious institutions. The bill also specifies very clearly what it meant by “gender identity,” saying:

“Gender identity” is defined as a gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual regardless of the individual’s assigned sex at birth.

The legislation carries some strong exemptions beyond just the standard religious exemptions. For instance, the legislation allows for employers to establish and require employees to adhere to reasonable workplace dress codes and grooming standards on the provision that an employee is allowed to appear, groom and dress in the manner which conforms to their gender identity.

The legislation also allows someone who is renting a room in their house to discriminate on this basis providing they do not exceed five so-called rental units.

Only one Republican voted for the measure in the Senate, Allan Kittleman. However, he did so after delivering a strong message in favor of the bill that aimed to slap down unfounded criticisms that the bill is too vague: “It is not our job to discriminate. The bill is carefully crafted. The definitions are clear.”

Indeed, just a glance at the legislation shows that the terminology has been carefully thought out and well put together to ensure fairness. That hasn’t stopped the religious right from coming up with their objections and, at turns, absolutely disgusting rhetoric to try combat the bill.

While Republicans like Bryan Simonaire (R-Anne Arundel County) decried the legislation because, they said, it should have broader religious exemptions of the Arizona (and now Mississippi) “religious conviction” variety, some anti-LGBT groups have gone even further.

PFOX, that is Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, issued a breathless release this week asking that their followers contact the General Assembly and urge their lawmakers to vote down the bill. In so doing, they made a number of ridiculous claims but none more so than this absolutely despicable anti-trans lie:

Yesterday, the Maryland Senate voted 32-15 to pass SB 212 — the “Bathroom Bill” — a bill which would allow men to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa according to their “gender identity”¯. Now the bill is headed to the House of Delegates where it is highly likely to pass as well.
SB 212 defines “gender identity” as … In other words, if a boy decides he is a girl, he can use the girls’ room if this bill becomes law.

Already, some grown men try to hide in women’s bathrooms to commit their crimes, as in the case of Frank F. Fuchs, a Missouri resident, who hid in public restroom stalls at least twice with a video camera, which he used to film occupants of nearby stalls. Under this bill Frank would be quite welcome to boldly walk into the ladies’  room where he could continue taping–or worse.  All he has to do is claim he identifies as a woman.

Not only does this bill undermine our reasonable expectation of privacy in the bathroom, locker room, or shower room, it opens up women and girls to serious threats to their safety.  Recently, a man visited the girls shower room at an Indianapolis YMCA on several occasions, according to  Again, if this bill becomes law, he would be legally able to do the same thing in Maryland if he simply claims to identify as a woman.

Here PFOX has taken two examples of serious criminal activity and attempted to conflate those acts with this bill. Let’s just go down the list of what’s wrong here.

First it’s worth establishing that Missouri has no trans or gay inclusive nondiscrimination law. Nor does Indiana, though Indianapolis does have a limited local ordinance. Regardless, none of the cases highlighted above involved actual trans people. That’s because PFOX and the religious right cannot come up with examples of trans people abusing these nondiscrimination laws or the nondiscrimination laws actually leading to widespread abuse despite the fact that more than 20 U.S. states have these laws and, in some cases, have had them for a number of years.

Second, the legislation is very clear that gender identity means an identity with which someone has consistently identified. That means that a man would not be legally able to visit a woman’s showerroom simply by claiming to be a woman, and this is a ridiculous and flagrant lie.

Religious conservative media sites are currently scrambling to find other cases where men have posed as women in order to sexually abuse women, and in some cases they have been able to find isolated incidents that are ripe for being distorted. However, what they have not found is any concrete statistic that trans rights legislation like this in any way significantly boost assaults on women. That’s because they don’t. This kind of legislation simply serves to allow women and men who were wrongly sex assigned at birth to access the public facilities they require.

As PFOX rightly states though, the legislation should have enough support in the Maryland General Assembly and, when it does pass, Governor Martin O’Malley has indicated his support for the bill. It’s taken more than eight years for a trans-inclusive nondiscrimination law to make its way through the Maryland legislature and, pleasingly, it looks like the lies from anti-LGBT groups won’t be able to stop it this time around.

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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill3 years ago

There are people that will use this for evil. I can see all kinds of problems this can lead to.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

pam w.
pam w3 years ago

This reminds me of the totally nonsensical accusations of "DEATH CAMPS" cooked up by Republicans to distract people from other issues.

Transgender people dress and relate to the ''opposite'' sex. A transgender woman would use the women's room, wear female clothing and would probably not be noticed by anyone else in the room.

What IS this ridiculous fear of transgenderd individuals? Why do allegedly religious people persist in persecuting them? I'm losing respect BY THE DAY for this ''religious'' behavior.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 3 years ago

You think...

JL A3 years ago

I'm glad the majority understands the issue

Ken W.
Ken W3 years ago

Whatever !!!

Steve A.
Steve A3 years ago

If a woman went into a ladies bathroom and started taking photographs would the occupants mind?

Of course they would!

She'd probably get treated just the same as a man who did it.

If a person of either sex walked into a unisex bathroom with a camera, both men and women would object!

And the person with the camera would/should expect that they may face physical harm because even the most amoral, anti social person in western society KNOWS that it's the 'wrong thing to do'.

James Campbell
James Campbell3 years ago

Some interesting points made here on both sides. I can understand (to a degree) the fear that some would use this law to gain access to an area where women expect privacy. What must be said however is that this law is not framed to allow this. I doubt that anyone here, "made up" their mind as to their gender identity on a whim or due to any outside influence.

Over 16 years of medical practice, with most of this time spent assessing and treating children and young people, has taught me that no amount of 'help', punishment, bribery, threats or attempts at brain washing will change an individual's gender identity. No one 'soaks up' the core of their gender identity from external influences. Gender dysphoria is an accepted medical condition in which the brain develops along a different pathway to the physical anatomy. However much society may have wish that all human beings conform to “a man’s brain in a man’s body” and vice versa, the fact is that the average child can identify their gender identity around the age of 24 to 36 months and for some, this identity does not match the child’s external anatomy.

It always puzzles me how people acknowledge the existence of physical differences which they can see, but greet with scepticism any suggestion that the way in which the brain functions can differ from the rest of a person's anatomy.

Lynn C.
Lynn C3 years ago


Alex Perea
Alex Perea3 years ago

Joseph, as far as "If this passes I hope all you Gay rights activists are visited in your bathroom by the opposite sex because today they feel like a man while a woman or visa versa" goes, your ignorance is astounding.

For a start, you're using gay and trans* interchangably here, when they are two different things (despite uniting under the LGBT banner). Trans* people CAN be gay, but they can as easily be straight or bisexual. And most gay people are not trans*. Just clearing that up for you.

Secondly, this law would NOT allow people to use the other bathroom just because "today they feel like a man or a woman". You clearly have no idea what being a transgender person involves. Transgender people live their whole lives, every single day, as the gender they identify as. They change their names legally to reflect their gender, they dress in the clothing of that gender, they speak like that gender and behave as that gender. They undergo YEARS of hormone therapy and undergo MAJOR surgery to feel like their body is more in line with their gender. This law obviously only applies to those who are living consistently as their identified gender, and believe me, NO ONE is going to go through all of the above, plus the hate and violence risk, just to get access to a bathroom or dorm.

@Jean, I wish your relative the best and hope that they have a safe journey and end up feeling comfortable and happy in who they are, and that the world isn't too cruel along the way.