NOM Starbucks Campaign Now Religion-Baiting in Muslim Countries


With its anti-Starbucks campaign floundering in the US, the National Organization for Marriage has decided to export its campaign abroad to countries that may well react negatively to Starbucks’ gay marriage advocacy.

Said NOM President Brian Brown in a statement:

“In our first week, we gained 25,000 pledge signers in the U.S. alone; today we go international, expanding campaigns into Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, and Bahala [sic] (one of the chief languages of Indonesia),” announced NOM President Brian Brown. “ online ads will also start running in Egypt, Beijing, Hong Kong, the Yunnan region of China, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.”

“What happens in Seattle won’t to stay in Seattle,” Brown continued. “By making gay marriage core to his brand, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz [sic] is telling millions of customers and partners who support traditional marriage in the Middle East, China, South America and North America that they aren’t truly part of the Starbucks community.”

“The National Organization for Marriage is in this for the long haul,” said Jonathan Baker, head of NOM’s Corporate Fairness Project. “Here’s our goal: If Howard Schultz and his insular Seattle liberals hear from enough of us, management will move to a more genuinely inclusive attitude toward its customers’ and partners’ diverse views on marriage. People should be able to drink or serve a great cup of coffee without betraying their own core values on marriage.”

Starbucks as a company recently endorsed gay marriage in the state of Washington, and signed onto an amicus brief asking U.S. courts to overturn the federal definition of marriage as one man and one woman. NOM’s protest campaign was launched after Starbucks President and CEO Howard Schultz confirmed that gay marriage is “core” to the Starbucks brand.

The embattled National Organization for Marriage was left reeling a few weeks ago after the Human Rights Campaign secured internal documents of NOM’s that showed the group’s race-baiting, international strategy.

The Starbucks campaign has also been disastrous for NOM given that Starbucks sales have remained steady since CEO Howard Schultz said that the company supported Washington’s marriage equality law (though he didn’t say it was the “core” of the brand like NOM is claiming).

However, NOM’s move to take this campaign international is not only a new low for the anti-gay group, it is potentially dangerous.

LGBT rights in the Middle East are taboo and NOM risks actively promoting a climate of hostility against Starbucks employees and patrons that goes beyond just public disagreement. In several of the countries NOM is targeting, merely being perceived as gay has been enough for people to be imprisoned by law officials or even killed by fellow citizens.

With this move NOM exposes the true depths it is willing to sink to in order to push its anti-gay agenda and also demonstrates its disregard for human life.


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Image taken from NOM press release under fair use.


Samantha Richardson

It is insane to me that NOM is allowed to continue to exist. Only in America could a company so viciously and openly discriminating against LGBTQ people be allowed to have any time of day.

They are breaking every Human Right's chater, how have they not been prosecuted for their racism and homophobia already?!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

Dangerous practice, NOM. In some of those muslim countries, a majority can't read or write. They trust the mullahs to tell them how to think and react. Remember the riots after the famed Muhammed pictures in Denmark. If the mullahs tell people that Starbucks are a haven for LGBT, there may be attacks on both staff and patrons. If that happens, not only should the attackers be prosecuted but also NOM for inciting violence by spreading lies.

Tommy S.
Tommy S5 years ago

@John D,

Abdul,Abdel,Abdullah,Abd Allāh-- pedantics whether you say servant/slave of god--Abd can mean slave or servant
Even muhammed was regarded as slave/servant of alla (although the Abd Allah in his name does not refer in any way to islam)
"I testify that Allah alone is worthy of worship and that Muhammad is His SLAVE and final Messenger. "

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

Why do these Americans want our best-known export to be bigotry?

Teddie S.
Teddie S5 years ago

I better run out and buy a cup of Starbucks coffee of the day, room for cream please.

John Duqesa
Past Member 5 years ago

Tommy S

Rob and Jay simply typed in "slave of Allah" into Google and then presented the link to the first site that came up. I guess they saw the Arabic writing and didn't realise it was Urdu. They have no forensic skills and certainly none in translation. They do not realise that you translate according to meaning, context and usage - if you think of the French word "guichet", it can be translated as ticket office, bank teller's window, ATM and so on. In the same way "abd" can be translated as "slave" or servant", but in this context it's "servant". And they got the original translation wrong anyway. As you point out, "Abdel" means "servant of" (I think it's an "idafa" construction, but I'm happy to be corrected, I've never pretended my Arabic is perfect)

Tommy S.
Tommy S5 years ago

and was not muhammeds father called Abdullah (servant of alla)
and from another islamic site - the following :-
Quote...The developers of the site adhere to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. We do not belong to any particular sect and simply like to call ourselves Muslims....Unquote
They define Abdul, Abdel -as- wait for it---- Servant (of Allah)

Tommy S.
Tommy S5 years ago

Alphonse Etienne Dinet, a painter was a convert to Islam and islamophobie was as you state "feelings inimical to islam" which is closer to the truth than islamophobia which implies mental disease
However islamophobia could best be described as merely the figment of a paranoid or politically motivated imagination; or constructed out of a desire to perpetuate a siege mentality and sense of victimhood amongst Muslims, or to put an end to legitimate criticism.

Personally I prefer islamonausea although even that does not address the very real levels of Christophobia rampant in the islamic world

John Duqesa
Past Member 5 years ago

Rob and Jay. As I said earlier, you are lazy. Did you not notice, as I did within seconds, that the Muslim name site you directed me to is an URDU site, not an Arabic one?

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S5 years ago

John, you're being nitpicky. You avoided the substance of our comment by being so anal. We know Abdul isn't the full name. Who cares?

Abed means servant OR slave: (Abdul = slave. This Muslim site doesn't even mention 'servant')