Northern Cyprus to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Turkish Cypriot leaders have bowed to pressure from MEPs and agreed to repeal a law outlawing homosexuality.

Dervis Eroglu, the leader of the Turkish Cypriot government in the northern part of Cyprus, said he would sign a repeal of the ban into law.

Northern Cyprus is the last part of Europe where it is illegal to be gay.

MEPs also pressed Eroglu to keep his promise to ensure that any new law includes a provision to protect children from sexual abuse.

In a December 13 letter to British Conservative MEP for London Marina Yannakoudakis from Eroglu , he writes:

The draft proposal for the repeal of the part of the criminal code, chapter 154, which penalises same sex sexual activity has been submitted to the general assembly on 25 October 2011 by a political party, the Communal Democracy Party. This draft legislation states that not only girls and women but also boys and men can be victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Eroglu pledged to support the repeal, saying:

We gave our considered opinion to the government that the draft proposal concerned should be adopted and section 171 should be abolished without delay.

Yannakoudakis has led a campaign for the the law change.

She said:

I am pleased that Eroglu has honoured the promise he made to me in October.

There have been a number of concerns about human rights in the northern part of Cyprus. By agreeing to decriminalise homosexuality Eroglu is taking concrete measures to ensure those living in the north part of Cyprus may enjoy the same human rights as their fellow Europeans.

In October, a number of men were arrested for ‘homosexual offenses’ in North Cyprus, leading to an international outcry about the law.

They included former finance minister Michalis Sarris. He skipped a November 17 court appearance, forgoing €47,000 bail money. Yesterday he was appointed chairman of Marfin Popular Bank, the island’s second-biggest lender.

Sariss has described the circumstances of his arrest as “strange.”

Four of those arrested accused the police of brutality. Northern Cyprus group Initiative Against Homophobia accused the Northern Cyprus media in their reporting of the case of ‘normalizing an attitude of hatred’ and ‘feeding homophobic reports and comments to the public.’

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Kati Patelaki
kathy P5 years ago

About time! but in the people's mentality, it will take a long long time yet...

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 6 years ago

Congrats and wecome to the 21st century!!!

Annita Stephanou
Annita stephanou7 years ago

Great first step!..... Now can you quit calling it "Turkish Cypriot government"?!

Silvia G.
Silvia G7 years ago

One step forward!!

Christina B.
Christina B7 years ago

>>>Northern Cyprus is the last part of Europe where it is illegal to be gay.

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley7 years ago

Good news:-)

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

Better late than never...

Chad A.
Chad A7 years ago

Hooray for any step in the direction of allowing people to define themselves and express who they are!

Christine Stewart

Good to hear.

Lise K.
Lise K7 years ago

A step in the RIGHT direction!