Not Under the Bus: Don’t Let Congress Run Over Women’s Health Coverage

Today, the Women’s Media Center launched a fantastic day of action called “Not Under the Bus”, asking women everywhere to take a stand against the discriminatory, anti-choice language in the House and Senate health care bills.  These bills would essentially throw women’s health care under the bus (hence the name of the campaign) in favor of the larger goal of health care reform.  They seem to be forgetting that women are a majority of the people in this country, and that we will not allow them to take away crucial coverage and actively discriminate against us.

For people who haven’t been following the controversy particularly over abortion in Congress, here’s a short recap.  Last November, the House passed its version of the health care bill, which included a nasty little caveat called the Stupak Amendment: any insurance plan funded with federal money could not provide coverage for abortion, except in the case of rape and incest.  The Senate’s version of the bill, which passed on December 24, contained less extreme language but amounted to the same thing – instead of banning abortion coverage, they simply made it insanely bureaucratic.  If a health plan does cover the procedure, subscribers would have to make two separate monthly premium payments: one for all insurance coverage except abortion and one for abortion coverage.

The House and Senate reconvened last week, and their job now is to reconcile the two bills that were passed.  BOTH, however, throw women under the bus – and we need, now, to stand up and let our voices be heard.  If you’re still not convinced, here are some facts on women’s health from Planned Parenthood:

  • “Women are more vulnerable to high health care costs because women’s reproductive health requires more regular contact with health care providers, including visits for yearly Pap tests, mammograms and obstetric care.
  • Tough economic times are especially difficult for women struggling to afford basic health care.
  • Women of childbearing age spend 68 percent more in out-of-pocket health care costs than men, in part because of reproductive health-related supplies and services.
  • Roughly 16.7 million women are uninsured and thus likely to postpone care and delay, or forgo, important preventive care, such as cancer screenings
  • Six in 10 clients consider family planning centers, like Planned Parenthood health centers, their main source of health care. Often, these centers are their only interaction with the country’s health care system.”

Today is YOUR day to speak out against the blatant sexism in these two pieces of legislation.  Things you can do to take action:

Tweet: Take Action today with @NotUnderTheBus. Demand that women’s rights be protected in #HCR: #underthebus

Post our video to your Facebook page, Blog, or status:

Donate your Facebook Status to raise awareness:
“Today is Take Action Day with What are you doing to demand pro-choice, fair health care? Take Action. Write an op-ed, call your Senator, sign a petition. Demand that women’s rights be protected in health care reform.”

Sign and Share the Petition: Tell lawmakers in Washington to keep women’s health care safe, fair and covered and urge them to strike any anti-abortion amendments from the final bill.

And visit the Take Action page for more ideas!



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Photo courtesy of the Women's Media Center.


Maria L.
Maria L8 years ago

gr8 post:)

Maria L.
Maria L8 years ago

Reg you will not born, and suffered so shut up

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon8 years ago

you go tomoka you said it best and right

Zconstruction X.
Zconstruction X8 years ago

Hey Em S.! Get real! Would you rather your tax dollars paid for more prisons and more law enforcement, which we will need when millions more unwanted children hit the streets? Support birth control and real sex education!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago

I've signed the petition. Please, sign it too.

Freya The Wanderer
Freya H8 years ago

If women do not control their bodies, they do not control their lives.

Tomoko Harris
Tomoko Harris8 years ago

I am sick of people who care about only the unborn and do not give a rat's rear end about people who are already born. None of us would be here without a woman, and all the women before her! We will get nowhere as long as women are treated as second-class citizens, underpaid and overworked, deprived of the power to decide whether and when to become mothers.

Tierney G.
Tierney G8 years ago

Reg I see what you are saying but it is a tit for a tat stuff. Ridiculous please get real. Women are still not paid fairly and we wind up taking care of the children financially in many cases. At 77 cents to a mans dollar. I don't think you should be complaining!

Reg B.
Reg B8 years ago

Not wanting to throw this post or women's rights under the bus but if you are being so shut out of health care then why does every mid-large size city in North America have hospitals dedicated STRICTLY FOR WOMEN?

OMG! Imagine the hue and cries if we had men's only hospitals??!!

On that same point.... does not, the mere NEED and existence of these facilities acknowledge that women have more complex, demanding, or consuming health care needs?? Just saying!

So if I read this right, womens rights are about equal rights; right? Equal to whose rights? Men's rights? Okay... I agree 100%! SO, we have two choices here.

1) we shut down all medical facilities that only serve women, (not only is this discriminatory but being a woman is also not a pre-existing condition right?) We then re-distribute these funds back into health care for all equally. OR

2) We leave these facilities open BUT we catch up in building the same number of 'men's only' facilities and from now on all funding is equally split for men and women's facilities.

LMAO!!! Poor Amelia! You see, this is why women still struggle for equality. Because at the end of the day you cant have your cake and eat it too!

Fact is that womens health needs ARE different, ARE more expensive and ARE more consuming. Plus, women are far more likely to seek treatment then men. SO... maybe you should pay more?

I pay more for car insurance because I am male. Why not women for health-care?

Devils advocate. ;o)

Ant m.
Ant m8 years ago

Margaret S. is telling it like it is ... she gets a star .....