Now We Are At War With Mexico?

We already participate in a lot of wars, but it appears one congressman thinks we could do one more.  Yes, it’s time to make the war on drugs a literal war on drugs.

Via Wonk Room:

Yesterday, Indiana Rep. Dan Burton (R) proclaimed in a speech on the House floor that the U.S. is “at war.” However, Burton wasn’t talking about U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor is it readily evident that Burton was simply engaging in hyperbolic rhetoric. Instead, Burton went on a furious rampage about how the federal government will not allow federal agents to enter Mexico armed. “We shouldn’t be asking our CIA, DIA, DEA agents to go into Mexico to fight the drug dealers…and tell them they don’t even have a weapon to protect themselves,” stated Burton. According to him, the U.S. is fighting a war on U.S. and Mexican soil that may require the use of armed force:

We’re in a war down there on that border. If you talk to the people in Texas, they will tell you — there is a war between us and the drug dealers and the thugs that are coming across that line into our country. And, there’s a high suspicion that we’re seeing al-Qaeda and Taliban type terrorists coming across the border into the United States.

It’s a war make no mistake about it — the Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said — and it’s happening on American soil. In this country! [...] We’re never going to solve that border problem unless we realize that it’s an area that we have to focus on, that it’s a war, and that our citizens are in danger down there.

Wait, when you arm people and send them over a border into another country, isn’t that…an invasion?

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jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

We seem to want to fight anyone and everyone.

Jamey Weston
Jamey Weston6 years ago

It is America's drug addiction that is the problem, and we should be doing something about. However, the real problem with drugs(and drinking, prostitution, theft, violence, war, etc.) boils down to the monetary system. Everything horrible in the word right now leads back to the monetary system. The lack of happiness and for-profit incentive would need to be done away with to solve these problems. Fortunately, it is people who created this system; literally a thought in someone's head a long time ago, so we can change it; we can simply choose to use a different system. Unfortunately, it is taking a long time to educate people on why the world is the way it is, and what needs to be done to fix it.

If you are seriously interested in fixing not just this issue, but all of the other problems plaguing our word right now, look at what we all have in common. The basic foundation for the world to function; the deciding factor for what humanity can do, from what we can enjoy, accomplish, learn, even eat and drink, to who lives or dies.
Capitalism was a good option in a past, even primitive time; but now it is time to end this suffering, and update society so that we can enjoy our lives and the planet on which we spend them.

Check out the free world charter( to take a step towards fixing this mess we have created.

Oscar Lopez Flores

My dear Gabriela, you are not only right but you have the answer millions of people are telling their governments. Personally I do not use any substances, legally o not substances. I am a pediatrician and I am really concerned about the answers of the governments (not matter from what country) are giving as an answer to this issue. The main problem is that as soon governments legalize those drugs, the business of ammunition and fire arms are going to lose those two big clients: government and drug cartels, also the federal agencies dedicated to “combat” those cartels are going to be closed and furthermore, the intromission of countries (that are the biggest consumers) into undeveloped countries (those that produce the substances) are going to stop (which is not good for the big countries) and they (the big countries) will not have such a BIG power into their little countries in their internal affairs.
So my dear Gabriela, this is a business of a VERY few powerful mobsters (including government, drug lords, business men and believe or not even some faith administrators).
The only way to finish the drugs issue is legalizing it. But it is still a dream. Drugs as well as prostitution are old as the “civilization” of man.

Adobe House

To Cathy D: The wall is a disaster to the ecology, environment, and endangered species as the ocelot. You are uninformed. Mexico is our neighboring country, I have been there apprx. 300 times. Mexico is beautiful with rich history and vibrant culture and lovely people. What republicans have been doing with wetback issues has NOT been solving the problems. These people are WILLING to Work and at jobs no one wants. Anyone in AZ please sign the RECALL Gov brewer, her leniency on guns has made it easy for criminals to deal them.

Adobe House

To Cathy D: You are so Very Wrong. Mexico is a beautiful country with vibrant culture and lovely people. Building the fence is idiocy--it disables the Migration paths of Endangered Species, as ocelots. You are uninformed, the fence is not a solution but a disaster. I have been to Mexico maybe 300 times. It's our neighboring country. You can't ostracize it and pretend it's not there. By the way, what the republicans have been doing obviously has NOT stopped the wetback situ and keep in mind these people are WILLING to Work and at jobs we don't want. I'm willing to sponsor a maid and pay taxes into state coffers. Anyone in AZ please sign the RECALL Gov brewer Petition, and oust Mckyl.

Gabriela M.
Gabriela Moreno6 years ago

Drugs should be legalized this would not only reduce crime but it will also increase our tax base. We will also save a lot of money since the majority of people currently in jail are there for some type of non-violent drug offense. All the money saved and made from legalizing drugs could be use to educate people and provide health insurance for all.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

The way to decrease the drug trade is to start treating addiction as a medical problem and get the drug addicts into addiction treatment programs.

John Willet
John Willet6 years ago

What would happen to Hollywood and the advertising industry if no cocaine managed to get through the border.Imagine the money spent on people withdrawing.

Cathy D.
Cathy D6 years ago

The US does not need to police the world. Analee G. makes it plain that we are not welcome or wanted in Mexico so why should US personnel cross the border. I agreed with Bush on very few things, but he was right about building the wall and limiting those who enter our country.

Carlos M.
Carlos M6 years ago

I'm Mexican. I'm proud of my country.
Nevertheless, it is a shame how sometimes we make a clown out of ourselves, missing emotional intelligence.
It is not proper to state that we citizens are asking for our president's resignation. This is a complete lie.
It's not proper to write "get the hell out of our issues"
This is a debate. As such, it must be conducted in a responsible and conciliative way.

I' with educating, creating sportive culture, legalizing. Specially, it is very important to stop selling weapons as if they were candies.