Number of Homeless Female Veterans On the Rise

Many female veterans return from their military service with physical and psychological difficulties that make it difficult for them to cope in civilian society– and often lead to homelessness. The General Accounting Office released a report on Monday that shows that the number of homeless female veterans “more than doubled” from 2006 to 2010, according to These numbers do not include veterans living in shelters.

These women, who give so much for our country, are clearly not being served when they return from combat. Part of the problem is that many female veterans are not aware of the services available to them, including shelters. Another problem for single mothers is that many shelters open to female veterans do not accept children.

Life on the streets obviously exposes these women to additional risks of psychological and physical abuse, creating a vicious cycle that worsens the victim’s psychological state.

This is not an acceptable situation for our nation’s female war heroes.

One support group called Grace After Fire is dedicated to helping women adjust to life outside the military. reports that female veterans “are twice as likely as civilian women to be unemployed, and almost three times as likely to commit suicide. As many as one in five have suffered sexual assault.”

The first step in improving quality of life for our female veterans is to raise awareness. I believe that there is still a slight stigma against women in the military, and many recovery efforts are focused on men. Women have their own issues, which must be addressed separately. In addition, two government agencies, the Veteran’s Administration and Housing and Urban Development, which are supposed to coordinate housing and services for veterans, need to step up their game and support the women who fight for us all.


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Ashley D.
Ashley D.7 years ago

Seen and noted.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta7 years ago

The American Government has never taken care of its war veterans, not properly anyway, look at what they did to the soldiers that returned from the Vietnam War!!!. Considering they do not take care of their female soldiers when they are in the army, why would anyone think that they would take care of them when they come home from a war :-(

Susan G.
Susan G7 years ago

As a female veteran and single parent who became homeless due to illness and inability to get insurance 10 years ago, I am positively impressed with the changes in VA programs and policies dealing with women. I could not find housing for me and my daughter; if I were in the same situation today, I know of many programs public and private that are able to help.
At one point I was evicted, not for cause but, because the VA had requested a quiet building for (male) veterans with PTSD. There is lots of room for more improvement, but today's veterans have the best care they have ever had.

LM Sunshine
James merritt jr7 years ago

sad, unacceptable,,..

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A7 years ago

It is not the fault of these women who were in the forces mainly because they were desperate for a job or looking for a challenge, perhaps looking for romance in the far away lands, or being out under the stars with their colleagues.

But never thought they will get sent to the killing fields, be raped by their commerades in the barracks or while in battles.

It is Bushes, Blairs, Romsfelds, Chennies and the corporates who are the culpurates to send them thousands of miles away from homes. They could not care less what happened to them as long as the rulers were seen as the heros by the stupid people of their lands. Corporates got the contracts and the top got Billions in their accounts.

While they killed other innocent men, women and children it did not matter and even the numbers were not tellied up as it was never necessary and it was prudent not to mention to their own public.

These innocent suffering under the clouds of smoke and bombs raining could do nothing but to pray. It may well be the case that the aggressors are being punished for their leaders, faults and again those suffering are the poor and this time in US and other Western countries.

These service women have suffered while in the battles and suffering now that they are back in the home lands ..... and you know that no one cares any more.

Shame on the insensitive, cruel and callous rulers and the senseless voters who put them in power on more that one time.

Mary Emmons
Mary Emmons7 years ago

Whether it be woman or man. . .no veteran should return from serving our country and not be able to find a job or home. They should receive state paid counseling as well.

Jay W.
Jay w7 years ago

wow this is just wrong. woman who give so much for their country and i given so little in return by their country. very very sad

Erika M.
Erika M7 years ago


Ray C.
.7 years ago

Marg W, Seems you can't hold a respectable debate without the need too Attack, who do you blame for the American Veterens who ended up homeless, it is not the fault of the Republicans that one thing for sure,

and with Obama been the Commander in Chief the blame is clearly on the doorstep of Obama and his administration.

Marg Wood
Marg W7 years ago

Gary A. Great post. So true! Hate will never win over truth! Diane O. and her friend Ray are uncaring, unfeeling, thoughtless hate mongers! Green stars to those who stand up to her intolerence and ignorance!