NYC Congressional Delegation: It Gets Better! (VIDEO)


Members of New York City’s Congressional Delegation have recorded a special video to contribute to the It Gets Better project.

The video features Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Ed Towns, Eliot Engel, Carolyn Maloney, Joe Crowley and Jose Serrano. The Delegation stresses that important strides towards equality have been made in recent years and that, while it may feel to LGBT teens like you are alone and that bullying is just “a fact of life,” you do not have to put up with it and there are people who want to help you.

Watch the inspiring video below:

The Trevor Helpline number is 866-4-U-TREVOR.

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Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago


Tish Levee
Tish Levee5 years ago

The more people like this congressional delegation join the the Trevor project and It Gets Better, the absolutely better that is. Thanks you NYC congresspeople!

Phyllis s.
Phyllis S5 years ago

Of course it's okay in NYC ! We love all of our gays !! I was basically raised by gay men ! New flash for the religious right freaks: I turned out hetero and have kids of my own !! So there goes any crazy theories they may have !!

Vanessa A.

LGBTs, don't give up! No matter what your sexuality is, it doesn't change the fact that we're all living beings who deserve love. It's not about whether you agree with LGBTs or not; it's about whether you treat them as who they are (living creatures like you and I) or not ;)

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Thanks for the video.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago