Obama Calls Akin’s Comments “Offensive,” Adds “Rape Is Rape”

Missouri politician Todd Akin’s recent assertion that rape victims rarely get pregnant has elicited a fury of responses from pundits on all sides of the political spectrum, and now even the most powerful man in the land has weighed in. During a Monday morning meeting with reporters, President Barack Obama accepted questions on Akin’s controversial comments. “The views expressed were offensive,” Obama said. “Rape is rape.”

Obama’s criticism went beyond Akin’s apparent ignorance of female anatomy and addressed his use of the phrase “legitimate rape.” “The idea that we should be parsing, qualifying, and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people, and certainly doesn’t make sense to me,” Obama said, as quoted by The Washington Times.

The President is not alone in his denunciation of Akin. Even high-profile Republicans like Mitt Romney and Scott Brown have condemned Akin’s statement in order to distinguish the Congressperson’s opinion from that of the larger Republican party. Romney went as far as labeling Akin’s rape comments as “insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong.”

While Obama asserted that he did not believe that Romney would agree with Akin on this matter, he does believe that they are indicative of a “significant difference in approach” between Republicans and Democrats on the subject of women’s health. “What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians – a majority of whom are men – making healthcare decisions on behalf of women.”

Akin currently serves in the U.S. House of Representatives for Missouri’s 2nd district, but is running for Senator. Prior to his comments this weekend, Akin was leading in the polls against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, although his popularity has presumably taken a hit since that time.

When it comes to whether Akin should drop out of his Senatorial race, Obama’s opinion is not quite as definitive. “He was nominated by the Republicans in Missouri; I’ll let them sort that out,” he said.

Though Akin, who has apologized for his comments, has stated that he intends to stay in the race, Yahoo reports that rumors from senior Republicans are emerging that he will in fact drop out by the official deadline of 5 pm Tuesday.

One person who may be sad to see him go is his opponent, McCaskill, who contributed two million dollars to Akin’s campaign during the Republican primary in the belief that he would be the easiest candidate to beat in a general election. While the gamble would probably pay off should Akin stay in the race, Republican pressure appears poised to “shut that whole thing down” – unlike a woman’s body during rape, as Akin had initially alleged.

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Photo Credit: Pete Souza


Rustam Jekson
Rustam Jekson4 years ago

Karen and Ed O. Yes, I do think it's an emotional topic, do you?

Ostromir Bessalov

He is absolutely wright, Rape IS Rape!

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Ken Y.
Ken Y5 years ago

hard to remark on remarks made by fools

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Thanks Lee. You know it isn't about the accolades right?


And while this has been under attack over the past few decades, we can observe that they are making moves to resist it as they believe it is their “natural” right.

Lastly is the belief in the economic system of capitalism which advocates individual ownership. As more and more of the citizens of our country have had the blinders to this removed they now see that it leads to poverty for the majority in the midst of wealth for a few. Capitalism does this via the social Darwinist model, still taught at Harvard and Yale business schools, supported by (Ayn) Randian literature, by holding each citizen accountable and responsible for her/his own welfare while making the deck staked in favor of a few, rather than making the priorities of life in America one of cooperation and mutual responsibility.

This of course creates divisiveness and inequality and are used to rationalize prejudice, negative attitudes and to justify discrimination towards the subgroups that are not eurocentric/ethnocentric which further results in racism, sexism, and classism.

President Obama did not create the class war. Nor did the dwindling middle class against whom it has now been waged against. That's the thing about it. It was okay as long as only those guys over there were hurt by it. But now, it is happening to everyone, save those waging it and the serfs who don't know any better and who are supporting them.

Lee Witton
5 years ago

Wendy and Michael - tried to give you more green stars, but know you got them anyway!

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

As it has become obvious, they prefer to regulate social behavior, but refuse regulations that would provide balance and fairness economically as that would allow subcultures to achieve parity, and that would threaten their dominance. Such people, will not, unfortunately, die out in our lifetimes. They will eventually, but not soon enough. And they have been grinding away at the insult delivered them by the Civil Rights Acts and other legislation.

There continue to be 3 ideological principles that underlie the embodiment by these groups of social Darwinism. The first is eurocentrism/ethnocentrism which is the assumption of supremacy of European Americans and their values and traditions. They are monotheists and they are pushing America toward their version of a theocracy. They already believe the United States IS a theocracy, and should be, and are advancing this belief and defending their right to lead it and legislate it as if it is.

The second principle is one of a patriarchy. This ideology is supported by their brand(s) of monotheism. This patriarchy is a hierarchical system of social organization in which the structures of power, value, and culture are male dominated. Males are seen as the “natural” heads of household, presidential candidates, corporate executives, college presidents etc. Women are men’s “natural” subordinates.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

The dominant sub-society is comprised of white males whose values can be labeled as androcentric, misogynistic, patriarchal and christian. Over the past decades since Nixon and Reagan acknowledged them, the silent majority associated with christian beliefs has been laboring to recraft this nation as a christian nation by their rules and definitions.

They are the white wealthy, and they are largely in power (just look at the congressional breakup according to race, class and gender). Dominant groups act in ways to maintain their dominance.

They are christian in name only and only demonstrate christian values when it suits their purposes and serve their ends towards maintaining the dominance. They are very incensed over movements and legislation within the past several decades that sought to balance the playing field by enacting laws regarding civil rights, equal rights and women’s rights.

These laws have put them off balance and has angered them over the past 50 years. They are trying to reclaim their dominance based on religious and political views. They craft and establish social institutions that serve their interests. And this current phase is their backlash for the movements in the past 50 years to make American better and more equal for all.

Wendy Schroeder
Wendy Schroeder5 years ago

The Baby Boomer males (not all and I'm a BB female) are having their last hurrah. They are scared by what America is coming, a multi-ethnic society. My oldest son is married to a Hispanic who's grandmother is black. My youngest son has permanent residency in Canada and lives with a French Canadian. Good for both of them! The changes in America is good. Someday women will not have to worry about old white people trying to control their bodies. Republicans, you are a dying party. Good-bye!

Susan O.
Susan O5 years ago

Repuglikkkans are officially an offensive species.

May Todd Akin give birth to a full-term baby, through his urethra, without the benefit of anesthesia.

Thy will be done, Amen !!!