Obama Is Awful and America Sucks: What New Polls Tell Us About the Upcoming Midterms

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who’s the worst president of all? Apparently, new polls are pointing all fingers at President Barack Obama as winning that honor, and that and other polls coming out this week make it possible that we could be seeing another midterm election fueled by massive voter discontent.

Midterm elections traditionally are a referendum on the president, which should have Democrats fairly worried if these new polls are any indication of the real feelings of today’s electorate. According to recent Quinnipiac University National Poll results, 45 percent of respondents say that we would be better off today if Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had won the 2012 election, compared to just 38 percent who think we would be worse off if that had happened. The same respondents also believe that President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, with 35 percent picking him as the worst, while 28 percent picked former President George W. Bush, and 13 percent picking president Richard Nixon.

The general public is quickly losing confidence in President Obama as well, according to Gallup polls, which has less than 30 percent of respondents believing that the president can do his job successfully. Then again, that may reflect more upon the massive gridlock in Congress than it does for the president itself; after all, how can he be expected to successfully run the country when Congress refuses to pass any initiatives he supports?

Will these numbers end up impacting the overall midterms? That’s harder to tell. Off year, non-presidential elections typically favor the Republicans already, and midterms usually benefit the party who doesn’t control the White House. But a massive number of Senate seats that have no incumbent are up for grabs, which means Democrats have more reason to come out statewide than they usually do in a non-presidential year.

Our last midterms, in 2010, turned into a wave GOP election that broke Tea Party all the way. It led to this current congressional makeup of lawmakers who frankly would rather see government destroyed than see their agenda not get met (as the repeated fight over the debt ceiling, the government shut downs, and the obsession with a balanced budget amendment all make clear). Gerrymandering and safeguarding Republican congressional seats, plus myriad voter suppression bills, would make it even more difficult for Democrats to regain ground.

However, the Democrats may have a tool to engage their own voters, and it’s one the Republicans themselves handed to them. The slate of recent Supreme Court cases, all of which have emphasized the GOP’s agenda to embrace big money, give more rights to corporations while stripping them from unions, minorities and women, have brought people, many of whom don’t consider themselves traditionally political, to a point where they want to reengage and make societal changes.

The question is: can that translate to votes?

There’s one last poll to examine that could be the key to unlocking the results this midterm election. According to Pew, 44 percent of Americans say they aren’t proud to be an American. Fox News, of course, reads this as anti-American, lefty, flag hating anti-patriotism, but is it?

When nearly half the country says it no longer feels proud to be American, that’s not a sign that they hate America, but that they feel that they are no longer represented in their democracy. It means that every day people wonder where the country that they believe in went, and how they can get it back and participate again. “No longer proud to be an American” really is the answer to the question, “Do you think the country is on the wrong track?” combined with a fear that the country they want to live in no longer exists.

If someone can get these people to the polls at the midterms, then there is a chance to see true change in our government. Otherwise, Congress is likely to be ground completely to a halt — at the very least until the 2016 presidential election comes along.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

a l.
a l2 years ago

Personally, I think MR Obama is fine

Dave C.
David C2 years ago

Personally, I think MR Obama is fine

Stardust Noel
Stardust Noel2 years ago

Obama is ruining America, & he still has time to do more damage, I did not vote for him either time.

Deborah W.
Deborah W3 years ago

Democrats no better or worse than Republicans ... they ALL suck when it comes to We The People and the country's needs.

The Bilderberg Group, on the other hand, continues to do handsprings as their latest "puppet" choice, chosen, trained, polished up, packaged and presented continues his leaderless role in The New World Order.

Tim L.
Tim L3 years ago

Craig T, We lefties believe in Reagan. He did so much damage while he was here that we can't deny he existed, unlike you Reich-wingers who constsntly deny or ignore truth.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 3 years ago


Michael T.
Michael T3 years ago

Craig, this whole thing on Care2 is about sharing information to positively impact the world. It isn’t a front for the Democratic Party. However, that being said, it attracts people who Care, who really care about other people. I realize from your comments that your brain lacks that capacity. It doesn’t make us lefties, it doesn’t make us Democrats either.

Trying to demean us by calling us little lefties

says that you are a brainless, uncaring LITTLE righty who is selfish and suffers from denial and who favors obstruction on an unprecedented scale and level.

That you can pretend that Obama, and “his” government (which it patently isn’t) controls our lives speaks volumes about how dense you are.

You want to engage in racist bashing there are plenty of sites out there for you to participate on all you like. Now that we know you favor that party which is now treasonous in its behavior, in my view, we can see how little you would be useful in hope and change, or even civil discourse for that matter.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

Craig this country is further right than it has been in my 67 years on earth. And they are contiunuously pulling further right. Regulations usually come about becasue someone is trying to screw someone else over. If people didnt take advantage there would be no need for laws etc. China is a prime example of a country with few regulations for a long time. You cant see acorsss the street and you cant breathe without a mask. Going to either extreme doesnt work Craig.

Craig Tylenda
Past Member 3 years ago

So again, I get the impression that this whole Care2 thing isn't really about sharing information in an attempt to positively impact the world, but merely a front for the Democtratic party. If all you little lefties out there think that your dreams are magically going to come true as a result of the DNC coming into more power, and further regulate and control our lives, then you really are worthless.

"...then there is a chance to see true change in our government." Like what - stopping Obama's government control of our lives? That's Change I Can Believe In. Or are we taking a regressive step and going back to all that Hope and Change BS? This site pretty much sucks.