Obama Wins By A Landslide (If The World Could Vote)

If the rest of the world could vote on November 6, there would be no neck and neck race. Instead, President Barack Obama would win by a landslide.

That’s according to a new BBC survey, which found much higher global approval ratings for Barack Obama than for his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The survey was conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between July and September.

Recalling Romney’s trip to London last summer, where he was mocked by the Brits, this is not a surprise for the UK. President Obama, by contrast, was warmly received in London when he visited last year.

But it’s more than the UK: the survey polled 21,797 people in 21 different countries and found that an average of 50 percent favored President Obama, with 9 percent preferring his challenger, Mitt Romney. The remainder of those polled were either unsure or indifferent.

You can see the complete details of the survey by clicking here.

Top of the list of countries going for Obama was France, where 72 percent of respondents favored the President. Number two was Australia. Kenya was the country with the greatest support for Romney (just under 20 percent), followed by Poland.

Romney did better than Obama in just one country: respondents in Pakistan indicated that they would prefer to see Romney win on November 6. However, neither candidate gained more than 15 percent support from Pakistanis, probably because the disastrous effects of the drone campaign have brought relations with Pakistan to their lowest point in recent history.

As Asia Society explains:

The Obama administration, despite making serious efforts to enhance aid to Pakistan, continues to be unpopular in Pakistan due to its decision to dramatically expand the use of drone strikes inside Pakistani territory. In the final analysis, Obama’s image suffers most in Pakistan due to his inability to deliver on the “hope for change” he generated during 2008′s election campaign. At the time, many Pakistanis believed that Obama would reverse Bush’s foreign policy in the region after coming to power.

But even the anomaly of Pakistan’s choice of Romney is diminished on closer examination of the survey results: Romney only has a slight lead over Obama, and a sizeable number of Pakistanis chose simply not to respond to the question. Apparently they feel that the two candidates aren’t that far apart in terms of foreign policy. So whoever wins, they aren’t expecting any changes, at least not for the better.

Meanwhile, it’s too bad that the world can’t vote to ensure that landslide victory and a second term for President Obama.


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Michael M.
Michael T5 years ago

Thanks for the star Jim.

I got your personal message on the morning after the election and tried to respond several times in thanking your for your comments and support for many of us here, so allow me to take this moment to thank you for those comments as here and now.

I know all of us appreciate it deeply. Cheers to you my friend.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Didn't need world to vote- just enough Americans.

Veronique L.
Veronique L5 years ago

By the time I reached this article, we knew who had been elected!! Very funny to read the comments now!!

Jude Hand
Judith Hand5 years ago


Rod D.
Rod D.5 years ago

Not sure if France truly lead the President Obama choice poll @ 72%. Every poll I have read, here in Canada, put President Obama @ 78%. Speaks to the disrespect we continue to endure as Canadians.;-)
These same polls also had Canadians following the election closely @ 76%. Since I'm on a polling roll, this same poll also has Canadians believing we have a more democratic system of government. too. Our American cousins may bridle at this but how many Americans even follow Canadian elections let alone even know much about our country.
Here is the link for reference:

Laura F.
Laura F5 years ago

There is no question that the best man won. I am very proud of the US for the way our election turned out this year. I feel like we are finally taking steps in the right direction.

Elsa G.
Else G5 years ago

Paul it looks like the right guy won and your idol lost. Does this mean you will crawl back into your closet for the next four years. We can only hope.

Michael M.
Michael T5 years ago

More intelligence, er, maybe not, from the self-proclaimed loud mouthed egocentric I know better than you progressives and liberals could ever hope for.

@Paul writes Independent voters are overwhelmingly turned to Romney with double digit leads in almost every poll.

MSM is not promoting the unknown Obama as they did in 2008. He HAS a record and it isn't good in most people's eyes. 2008 was an anomaly and won't be repeated.

@Paul writes Nate's numbers just don't add up. Joe Scarborough denied his bet. I will take it.

@Paul writes Obama loses BIG TIME tomorrow.

Just goes to show what useless drivel can be found in the fibers of a cheap second hand 53 year old Persian rug.

One may not be crawling out of its hole to make any responses, what with all of those feathers, beaks and talons to gnaw on, but one can still read.

Michael M.
Michael T5 years ago

Here’s a few more Paul

@Paul writes Obama loses big time. Romney with 300 EV's. My prediction and here is why.

@Paul writes Nate Silver - Michael's polling guru is wrong. Simply averaging polls is NOT sound logic... garbage in... garbage out. (yes we listen to the garbage you take in and then spew as the product of your high intelligence processed it).

@Paul writes He fails to account for the heavy biased polling of Dems vs Reps. I read his article and he talks about biases but never mentions that the majority of the polls he is using for support, Like CNN, which puts the race at a tie, today sampled 11% more Dems. The 2008 had 7% more and in 2010, the turnout was even. I predict it will be more Reps than Dems voting in 2012 which will completely obliterate the sampling biases of the polls Nate is using.

@Paul writes (making things up to equate with his delusional understanding of reality) The enthusiasm level is low on the left. You don't see the signs, the thousands at Obama's rallies, the bumper stickers. There just isn't mush going on with Obama supporters.

Early voting for Dems is down from 2008, while Rep is up.

Yeah, I think we can all see the numbers clearly Paul.

Michael M.
Michael T5 years ago

Hey Paul let’s rehash a few things

Proof Paul B that my psychological assessment of you was spot on.

@Paul writes But on a serious note, here is another reason that Obama will lose. He is NOT polling over 50% in ANY national poll. Tradition and history also show that an incumbent NOT polling over 50% on election day loses. the reason is that if someone likes the guy in office, they will say so. An undecided voter is obviously dissatisfied with the incumbent and therefore looking for any alternative, or they simply won't vote out of frustration.

@Paul writes Obama is less than 50% in most swing states. You only need to look at the facts rationally to see where this election is headed. Ohio is a traditionally republican state, with a republican governor. To me it is a no-brainer Romney wins Ohio, FL, VA, PA, CO, plus a couple more states and wins with around 300 EV's.

We will know soon enough.

@Paul writes But I tell you what... you keep with your story of an Obama landslide... all that does is motivate the opposition and keep supporters home thinking their vote won't matter. I like that.

@Paul writes He isn't presidential and the people see this with clarity, and will vote accordingly.

@Paul writes Again, Romney wins with 300 EV's.