Obama Won By Calling Romney ‘A Poopy Head,’ According to Intelligent Analysis

Written by Judd Legum

Appearing yesterday morning on CBS, anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist said Obama won reelection because he called Romney “a poopy head.” Watch:

Setting aside alleged scatological name-calling, the election was an overwhelming rejection of the the political philosophy advocated by Norquist and his allies. 24 Republican Senate incumbents and candidates signed Norquist’s anti-tax pledge and lost. Linda McMahon (R-CT), Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), Treasurer Josh Mandel (R-OH), Secretary of State Charles Summers (R-ME), former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R-WI), considered top-tier candidates, were attacked by their Democrats opponents in face-to-face debates for signing Norquist’s pledge. They all lost.

55 Republican House incumbents or candidates who signed Norquist’s pledge also lost.

This post was originally published by ThinkProgress.


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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

Grover Norquist it being ignored by more and more people in the congresss. His power iw waning

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Romney is a tax cheat. Of that, there is no doubt.

Besides, the filthy rich should pay at least as high a tax rate as regular workers. Capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as regular income.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill5 years ago

Obama won by demonizing Romney. He and his fellow democrats called him everything from a tax cheat to a killer. Disgraceful and below the dignity of the offices they hold.

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D5 years ago

There is an article in today's N.Y. times, about Mr. Norquist, on the front page!
It is about a PLEDGE that he has had people in congress taking, for years.
"Signing it means a promise never, ever, to vote for a tax increase," the article states.
Now, I'm not entirely naive, and know that "stuff" goes on in politics, including congress, but this seems OUTRAGEOUS to me.
People in congress take a solemn oath/pledge to uphold the constitution, and I do not think they ought to be asked, or expected, to take any sort of pledge, no less one run by a LOBBYIST, that may someday interfere with their sworn oath, by possibly compromising their ability to legislate, as they may see fit, even if it means they have chosen to change their thinking about something.
Yes, they signed the pledge willingly, though there may well have been unspoken pressure to be "one of the boys," but now some of them are reconsidering, based on the Fiscal Cliff issue, and are getting flack for it.
The Newt, in his typical perpetual wisdom, is calling them to hold to their pledge, for one, of course.
In any case, as I seem unable to write an article about this, probably due to my outmoded system, here, or get a petition going, I wonder whether someone else, surprised, blindsided by this sort of garbage might.
Thank you.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

No Mr Norquist (I like poopy head for Rmoney) Obama didn't win the election with Poopy head!

Obama won because HE DIDN'T INSULT WOMEN. Obama won because HE BELIEVES IN AMERICA! Obama won because HE GETS THINGS DONE! Obama won because he is willing to WORK WITH PEOPLE! Obama won because HE RESPECTS THE PEOPLE!

Now, get over it, Obama won!

Lynda Harrison
Lynda Harrison5 years ago

Perhaps this "poopy-head" Grover Norquist should be called upon to explain where are all the jobs that the "job creators" have created during the time they have received extremely generous tax rates paid for by the middle class!

Joanne Dixon
Joanne Dixon5 years ago

No, Mr. Norquist, President Obama never called ex-Governor Willard a "poopy head." With our votes, we voters did that.

janice b.
jan b5 years ago

Grover Norquist is another one who hates paying taxes and wants everything taxes provides and cheap labor and above all ....is happy to have everyone else pick up the tab for the wealthiest in this country as they have been for decades. Cheaper labor means cheaper products and services and they line their pockets because of this and then resent having to provide social benefits when people get old or have a catastrophic event happen to them.
Moreover....how do the wealthy convince some people to vote for these policies that enable the rich to become even more wealthy and cheating everyone else ?

Harriet Bickel
Harriet Bickel5 years ago

Who is Grover Norquist, what makes him such a power? He looks and acts like the kid that everyone bullied and teased in school, not because he was too smart, but because he is an officious blowhard. Now he is getting even by being the whore, oops, spokesman for the very rich, it is obvious that he does not care about all Americans, only the really rich. Are the Repubs serious in following this guy? He says the GOP will not raise taxes for the 1%, but, as I understand it, the tax relief for all will automatically end, if they do not allow a even small tax raise on the 1%, therefore, if he continues to hold the representatives captive to their pledge to him, he will end up causing a raise to taxes for all. Oh, by the way, tax relieve for the top 1%, does not help the economy.