Ohio Petition Drive to Repeal S.B. 5 Rolling Along

Workers, activists and other volunteers are making fast progress in collecting the 231,000 signatures needed to put the repeal of S.B. 5 on the Ohio ballot this November. S.B. 5, pushed by Gov. John Kasich (R), eliminates the rights of 350,000 public employees to bargain for middle-class jobs.

The 35,000 member Ohio Civil Service Employees Association/AFSCME (OCSEA/AFSCME) set a goal of gathering 60,000 voters’ signature. In a mere two weeks, OCSEA canvassers have collected more than 20,000 signatures to “Kill the Bill.” Similar efforts are under way through the Buckeye State to hit the signature threshold by the June 30 deadline.

In Cleveland over the weekend, some 150 people came together at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church for an S.B. 5 repeal town hall meeting with faith and political allies, including members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus and Wisconsin state Sen. Lena Taylor (D).

Taylor fought against Gov. Scott Walker’s bill that, like S.B. 5, also eliminates collective bargaining for public service workers. She told the crowd that both Walker and Kasich “have declared war” on public employees.

This is not a Wisconsin fight. This is not an Ohio fight. This is a fight for everybody.

This post was originally published by the AFL-CIO’s blog.


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Photo from Ohio AFL-CIO via flickr
written by Mike Hall, an AFL-CIO blogger


Katherine D.
Katherine D.3 years ago

Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out an ohio petition form, I found a blank form here http://goo.gl/O4VnQ3

Danny W.
Danny Wilson6 years ago

Give 'em hell Ohio!

Edith B.
Edith B6 years ago

Good Luck, Ohio!

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L6 years ago

Bev E.: ----- It's great that they've got petitions out there, but there aren't enough in places that are convenient for all people to sign them that want to. I have to drive to downtown Cleveland to sign a petition or go 6 miles southward. They should have a better way of getting those petitions signed .... like at voting areas, shopping malls, etc. They would have their signatures in no time at all!!!!!

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Good for the workers in Ohio. Wisconsin started it all, and since then, there has been an angry crowd across the U.S. of people who are standing up for workers/unions, whether they are directly involved or not. I think people are seeing that public employees do the work that helps us all >> government GOOD! Government is ultimately us.

Bev E.
Bev E6 years ago

I see so little on TV or in the newspapers about the unions fighting back. I am so glad to see this battle is ongoing. If there was more news about it, I'll bet those 250,000 votes would come much quicker.

We'll all be waiting when it's time to vote. That action will prove how effective the fight has been.

Hey, Ohio and Wisconsin and other states fighting this battle - I'm with you all the way!

James D.
James D6 years ago

Republicans are fond of stating that they are in favor of smaller government, but when they owned the Congress and their fearless leader Bush the Decider was in the White House, they ran amuck and grew the government in size, increased spending while cutting taxes for the rich, thereby ballooning the yearly deficit, they started unnecessary and immoral wars which were unfunded and off the official budget thereby leaving those costs to be blamed on the next Administration and Congress, they enacted laws which took away some of our cherished and hard fought freedoms (The Patriot Act, etc.), they began to Spy on American citizens and established the means (Carnivore Web Tracking System) to Spy on Everyone of us at will.

So, their idea of smaller government is really bigger government. Their idea of fiscal responsibility is fiscal irresponsibility. Their idea of the government not sticking its nose in your business only counts if you are rich, a corporation, or them, otherwise government will tell you what to do, who to love, what is immoral (Government by Religion).

I am little impressed by the credentials of those who would enslave women to be naught but incubators, decide that people who wish to love others in a way that is Different from the way of the Chosen are immoral or evil, take from the poor and give to the rich, make war not love, lie about Everything with a straight face.

They prove themselves unfit to Govern.

Vote Progressive!

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

Get the taliban out of office. Vote!!!

Roger Nehring
Roger Nehring6 years ago

Kick ass Ohio! Unions are essential to the health of the workers.

Toni nofwds C.
Toni C6 years ago

It's time we stood up for what we believe in... for way too long, we've been passive and look where it's gotten us. As someone has already mentioned, we have to do everything we can to overcome this oppression brought on by the extreme reicht-wing. I am disabled but I work hard signing petitions and getting the word out... and when it comes election time, I'll be one of the first at the polls!