On the Road To An HIV-Free Generation: Tatu’s Story (VIDEO)

By Jeremy Bogen, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Tatu Msangi was terrified. She was HIV-positive and pregnant. She was scared her baby would be infected.

But something amazing happened: Tatu got treatment that protected her baby from the virus. Her daughter Faith was born happy and healthy.

“It was a great joy,” she says, remembering the day she brought her daughter into the world. “I tried to involve my friends to tell the news. I called them by phone. We met outside the gate with the baby, celebrating. It was a very happy day.”

One of the most exciting things about Tatu’s story is that we may not be far away from it being virtually universal among HIV-positive expecting mothers. Thanks to the work of the Global Fund and our partners, after 30 years and 30 million deaths since AIDS was first diagnosed, we are in reach of an HIV free generation by 2015.

But we must remember the tremendous amount of work that we still need to do because every day, there are still scores of children born infected with HIV, when one is too many.

Look and listen as Tatu tells her story in this video from the Global Fund:

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Photo credit: Tanzania © The Global Fund / John Rae


Mariacelia. H.

I ask God to send Blessings to those countries that are suffering with many needs.I take pettions and Ilook that there is so much to do for this world is scary that we can not end this needs without the help of the presidents and congresses that have all the power to make that grand difference.May God help us to help others.I am glad and thankful that this lady has been bless,Thank you also for bringing all this issues to our emails.Have a great Christmas.MCH

John Mansky
John Mansky6 years ago

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Steve R.
Steve R6 years ago

Which generation would that be?

The one that, unlike the current generation, led by Obama who gives profitable favors to drug companies, finally frees it's health care from drug company control through Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) corruption?

I don't foresee it in my lifetime!

Carmen S.
Carmen S6 years ago

thanks for this

Bob P.

thanks for sharing