On Veterans Day, Franken Advocates For The Men and Women Who Served [VIDEO]

Minnesota Senator Al Franken has a special message on Veteran’s Day — honor the men and women who have served by ensuring that they “can find a home and a job, recover from physical and psychological wounds, and take advantage of the benefits they were promised when they enlisted benefits they have earned with their courageous sacrifices.”

Watch his message below.

Photo credit: Senator Franken's website


Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

Thanks, Al.

This should go without saying, but Republicans in Congress were actually balking at improving vet benefits. It took folks like Franken to hold their feet to the fire.

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

Thanks Al.
signed combat vet.

june t.
reft h6 years ago

Too often veterans are forgotten. Al Franken is a rare, decent politician. I'm glad he spoke up .

Thomas Liddle
Thomas Liddle6 years ago

How is it, that this idea is at all revolutionary?
Sanity, oh dear sweet sanity. It's an oasis right here.

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

I agree with Julie, Dotti, and Doyal... Oh yes, and also Deborah about Frank..

Doris Mason
Past Member 6 years ago

Thank you for the article

Julie Dawson
Julie D6 years ago

This is one of a handful of politicians I actually like, along with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. He is not afraid to stand up to the powers that be and call a spade a spade in their faces, but does so with dignity honesty and eloquence. I am a big fan of Al Franken and wish we had many more politicians of his caliber and quality.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

What a beautiful and heartfelt message this was. Thank you, Al.

Deborah M.
Deborah M6 years ago

Come on Frank W. can't stand to have a democrat make a well spoken piece in honour of veterans?

Deborah M.
Deborah M6 years ago

Al Franken, a Minnesotan to be proud of!