One Vote from You = $1 Million for Sharks

More than 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for their primary food source.  Whales, dolphin, turtles, sea birds and all ocean life depends on a healthy marine ecosystem to survive.  Like any healthy community, the ocean relies on a varied cast of characters, and each member plays a pivotal role. The loss of any one of them would threaten to disrupt the balance causing the ocean to spiral out of control.

Sharks play a crucial role in maintaining the fragile ocean ecosystem. If we remove sharks from the community, sickness will spread, entire schools of fish will die, and the entire ocean will enter a state of imbalance. These key players are now under threat.  Due to the high market value for shark fin soup, poachers haul the animals out of the ocean and hack off their fins. They then dump the still living sharks back into the sea where they slowly die. This despicable and wasteful practice is pushing many shark species to the brink of extinction.

Thanks to you we are on our way to stopping this! We won the first phase of the Chase Giving Challenge, but now the stakes are higher and the competition is steep. We have done so much with 100 % volunteer powered efforts, but if we are going to pull through the final phase, we need your help more than ever.  Your 1 vote = 1 million dollars for the Ocean.

Here is a step-by-step guide for how to vote:

  1. Log on to Facebook and follow this link:
  2. Facebook will then ask you if you want to “Allow” this application on your homepage. Click “Allow.”  Keep in mind, you can always remove this access immediately after voting.
  3. You will then be prompted to the Imaging Foundation Community Giving page.
  4. Click the “Become a Fan of this Page” button
  5. Once you are a fan, click “VOTE FOR CHARITY”

Use the tools provided at the bottom of the voting page (“Tweet This,” “Post to Wall,” and “Invite a Friend”) to help spread the word!

Who are your contacts? Be creative! Without an extended team, we will have a hard time winning this event. A few examples: Co-workers, fraternity/sorority, book clubs, address book, dive clubs, activities, listservs. How do you contact them?  Some ideas: send private messages, send an email blast, a mass text, post on forums, see who’s on IM, tweet, make a phone call, do whatever you can to reach as many of your contacts as possible!  Most importantly, have fun and be creative!

If you can join our efforts between January 15-22, please send an email to with the subject line “I WOULD LIKE TO HELP OUR OCEANS” and we will forward you instructions about how you can spread the word.



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Christina Minar
Christina M8 years ago

No fishing. end of story.

Agnieszka Kubicz
Aga Kubicz8 years ago

Glad that You've won the first phase. Good to know that people still care about this. We can stop this!!!

Alicia Nuszloch
Alicia N8 years ago


Alexis K.
Past Member 8 years ago

voted, thanks!

Megan H.
Megan H8 years ago

This is so horrible!! I voted.

Terry B.
Terry B8 years ago


Kat M.
Kat M8 years ago

All it takes is a minute of your time - I hope everyone will spread the word!

Bernadette K.
Bernadette K8 years ago

already have done. Glad the word is getting out.

Bernadette K.
Bernadette K8 years ago

already have done. Glad the word is getting out.

Am Am
Am Am8 years ago

Wow....this shows the power of a person...and from this, it will be quite a lot. The fact that you, as a person, can do something so enormously world-impacting is just something that even I cannot fathom. I really do hope that others care just as much as I. If that occurs, the world would just very different. If only...