“Ordinary” Grandmothers First NY Gay Couple to Wed (VIDEO)


Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd made history Sunday as the first same-sex couple to wed under New York’s new marriage equality law.

Lambert (54) and Cheryle (53) have been together twelve years down to the day of their wedding, and have five children and 14 grandchildren between them. Lambert manages an art gallery and is a prominent LGBT rights activist, Rudd works on a factory assembly line.

They met under unusual circumstances:  ”We ended up together because our partners were having an affair with each other,” Lambert said in a pre-wedding interview with the Village Voice. “So we went out to laugh about it and have a drink and commiserate. And we found out it was the most wonderful thing that they cheated with each other, because we were so better suited to each other. It was a God kind of thing.”

And they have lasted the years, even battling through several health scares.

From the New York Times:

Speaking before the ceremony, the two women recognized the symbolism of the moment.

“I may be the first person standing here in history,” Ms. Lambert said, “but I’m just an ordinary grandma.” She added, “This is one of the most incredible moments of my personal life, but it’s also an incredible moment for New York.”


They moved to Buffalo in 2004, and they credit their strong bond with helping them through three heart attacks (Ms. Lambert’s) and cervical and thyroid cancer (Ms. Rudd’s).


“The best part of my life with Cheryle is everything has been an adventure,” Ms. Lambert said.

As she prepared to walk to the stage for the spiritual ceremony, Ms. Lambert, crying, looked to the sky and said, “Mom and dad, you got me this far, and now I’m getting married.”

Below you can watch the moment the bell tolled twelve, the law came into effect, and stood before the Niagra Falls — which at one point was transformed into a liquid rainbow — the couple was pronounced married:

Congratulations to the hundreds of New York couples who were married Sunday, and to all those who will marry in the coming months and years.

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Photo used under the MorgueFile user license, with thanks to mensatic.


Dennis Deal
Past Member 5 years ago

Another wonderful day in America.

Annemarie Vidal
Anne-Marie Vidal6 years ago

Hooray for them! I b elieve the true defens of marriage is to extend that right to everyone.

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago


Congratulations to you and all gay people and gay couples of New York State.

Seledi M.
Seledi M6 years ago


Lilithe Magdalene

And Sam Hoyt is wearing a red hanky in his back left pocket... oh what a bad boy. LOL!

SO happy this finally passed - may the wave of love and equality get bigger!

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

How blessed that they had family, friends, and Ne Yorkers to celebrate the moment!

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

I'm so happy for you and all the other couples now married or about to be! Congratulations and thanks for being pioneers. The steps you took last weekend will become the path for untold other to follow.Now, ALL our children can experience the cliche nosy Grandma's question" So, when are you two getting married?"And ALL Moms can look foreward to the stock answer,"SOON, Ma, SOON" CONGRATULATIONS and much LOVE!

Sheila L.
Sheila Swan L6 years ago

Sometimes there are the most perfect things that happen out of seemingly terribly sad circumstances -- clearly there is kismet here.

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Great story!

Amanda Reynolds
Amanda Reynolds6 years ago

Finally, now hopefully the rest of the united states will follow. Now all we need to do is allow gay adoptions and put laws in place to dissuade discrimination. Then we will be almost as progressive as other industrial countries.