A Great Day for Conservationists

By Laura Bailey

Yesterday was one that will go down in history for conservationists.

After years of challenging a Bush-era plan to allow more logging in sensitive areas of Oregon’s ancient forests, local and national activists are finally breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Yesterday’s news that the Obama administration will repeal the Western Oregon Plan Revisions is quite simply HUGE. At The Wilderness Society the victory cheers could be heard throughout the day.

The Bush plan would have more than doubled logging in 2.6 million acres of Bureau of Land Management forests

The Wilderness Society had joined 13 other organizations in legally challenging the plan that would have devastated the Oregon forests. But yesterday’s victory was hard won not only by national conservation groups, but by countless Oregonians who know first-hand the value of these forests

The forests in question are home to ancient towering trees, some as old as Columbus, which provide critical habitat for the spotted owl and a seabird called the marbled murrelet.

Salazar said the plans, known as the Western Oregon Plan Revisions, lacked documentation for complying with the Endangered Species Act.

Courtesy KS Wild, www.kswild.org


Danuta W.
Danuta W6 years ago

thanks for sharing

Julie G.
Julie G7 years ago

This is great news...especially for us tree lovers.

Dale P.
Dale P8 years ago

Great for Oregon! Now let's see about California, Washington state, Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho ...

Laraine J. Reynolds
Laraine Reynolds8 years ago

Thank you for all your hard work on preserving this forest! Animals need this habitat and our air needs the added benefit that forest plants and trees provide. We all need to be more aware of how forests are such vital and important part of the earth's ecosystem! Thanks again for caring and doing all you do to preserve our rich forests.

marilyn s.
MmAway M8 years ago

Just posted, then looked back to check it out and say Karl M. post about Obama approving a large timber sale...well, said I was worried...just yet another fight, and sometimes it is very hard to keep going...

marilyn s.
MmAway M8 years ago

Hopefully, this will stay to be a WIN WIN -- it is so upsetting when we win one and some political figure comes in and mucks it up (since they have been given money from some lobbyist). We still need to keep the fight and knowledge & awareness going - I am getting lots of letters back from everything I have written to my State, never enough I say, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON. I am personally grateful, I found this Care2 site to actually, hopefully, make a difference, or at least in my State of California, Make Others I know up the Coast of California, aware of what is going on. Not to many people really care, which is so upsetting. I do care about what this generation leaves to the next. My parents, living during the times of WWII did without, unfortunately my generation after the war was a give-me give-me, so sad...in fact, children now days just want more from their parents who make money. Don't care - Don't want to care, to me this is just a total insult to the Earth and I feel very sorry for the young children that are going up, they have NEVER SEEN THE BEAUTY I HAVE SEEN, NOR THE COMPASSION. We need to keep this fight going, if not for the future of the Earth, but for just existance.

Karl M.
Karl M8 years ago

Not to rain on anyone's parade but Pres Obama just approved a huge timber sale in Alaska's Tongass National Forest.


Kenneth Madore
Kenneth Madore8 years ago

I am so happy that President Obama is stepping up to save our ancient redwood forest. President Hoover would be very proud and so am I.
,Dear President where have you ben hiding all these years. I'm glad that we have you, better late than never, I suppose.

Julie F.
Jools F8 years ago

Good news! The Oregon forests and its creatures can relax for a while at least thankfully!!

Patrick P.
Patrick P8 years ago

Hooray, one small step for Oregon, one large step for all that live on this planet. It's a step in the right direction, but lets not be satisfied with just this. This is a real win for all of us who signed the petitions and wrote our legislators. We can make a difference if we act now on these issues. Thank all of you for helping to save the plant for our children and future generations. PEACE & LOVE