Ouch! Dog Bites Shark (VIDEO)

I’m not so sure about the therapeutic benefits of autistic children swimming with dolphins but do have to hand it to the dogs in the video below for swimming with sharks — and for the one dog who takes a nip at the sharks.

Looks like both dogs and the sharks survived their encounter which gives new meaning to what it means to be a “sea dog.”

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Photo by StormyDog


Natalie Rusu
Natalie Rusu6 years ago

What were the dogs doing in the water?????

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago


Carrie Anne Brown

can't watch the video =[ but thanks for sharing anyway :)

nathalie d.

Very strange video
Suppose the dogs were not from the videomaker , suppose the videomaker knew the sharks do not bite , one thing is for sure , he did not expect the dog would bite the shark , that was quite an event for the videomaker , he was laughing - amused ... wauw wauw wauw
if the videomaker is clever he should have realized that moment that another unexpected thing might have happened : shark bites back
would he stop the video ? or go helping the dog , the sharks don't bite , so don't worry , you can go into the water safely
why were you laughing in stead of being in a panic or at least wurried about the dog when he was biting the shark so unexpectedly
you can't be that stupid !
you did not care for the dog - the shark and the dugong when filming the whole story
just the fun was important
very sad person

nathalie d.

Very strange video , why do you laugh all the time ? Would you laugh even harder when the dogs would be attacked by the sharks.
By the way does the owner knows what you did with those dogs , are were those dogs stolen by you to entertain you. I can not believe those dogs are yours , it is not possible they would have had the change to grow up so big , they schould already be dead wich such a criminal like you.
It is good you loaded this video on care 2 , now care 2 must contact the police and you should be punished for your crime.
Why are you not going into the water and swim between the sharks , are are you afraid of the horrible pain you might have when the bite you.
I am a medical docter and one is sure you are very sick.

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane6 years ago

Why would you let your dogs swim with sharks?? This is dangerous for the dogs and cruel on the sharks. You wouldn't laugh if your dog attacked another dog so why is it funny for a dog to attack a shark? What is the point in uploading this video?

Bunny Vamp
Sarah F6 years ago

this is awful. in so many ways. so many things wrong here -_______-
what the ***k are you doing putting this on here? do YOU find this amusing Kristina??

Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller6 years ago

This is not amusing. Why is this on care2?

Anuruddha D.

care2 should not promote such a video made by a mentally sick idiot like this,
who is destroying as well as putting into danger innocent animals lives.

Noel S.
Noel S.6 years ago


Delete this video.

Don't give anyone with this mentality the oxygen of publicity they need.