Over 30 Anti-Choice Measures Pass In May [Video]

May was a busy month for legislating against women’s interests at the state level. In that month alone 34 provisions were enacted in 16 states including the following:

•    Ban abortion at 20 weeks postfertilization (22 weeks after the woman’s last period) in Georgia;
•    Prohibit the use of telemedicine in the provision of medication abortion in Oklahoma;
•    Allow any health care organization to  refuse to provide abortion services in Kansas;
•    Limit abortion coverage in the Alabama health exchange;
•    Bar specialized family planning providers or abortion providers from receiving family planning funds in Arizona;
•    Allow individuals and health care organizations to refuse to provide family planning services in Kansas and expand the types of organizations that may refuse to provide contraceptive coverage in Arizona;
•    Require reproductive health facilities to report statutory rape in Georgia and require statutory rape investigations for abortion patients under age 14 in Mississippi; and
•    Mandate abstinence-until-marriage education in Tennessee.

One of the reason state legislatures have been emboldened to act so aggressively on the issue of choice is because of the explicit support from Republicans on the national level have made it clear that radical anti-woman policies are now mainstream in the right. This goes for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as well.

Republicans may want to change the subject when it comes to their radical anti-woman, anti-family agenda, but we can’t let them. Too much is on the line.

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Photo from guisse95 via flickr.


Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

Etch-a-Sketch Rmoney Lyin' Ryan = of, by, and for the rich white men.

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, untrustworthy, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, anti-environment, anti-health, anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-education, anti-student loans, anti-equal pay, anti-99%, pro-banks, pro-big corporations, pro-voter suppression, union busting, Medicare mashing and Social Security slashing, fiscally irresponsible, misleading, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, out-of-touch, dishonest, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

Don't make a Mittstake. NEVER vote for Republicans!

Sod B.
Sod B.5 years ago

the 'republican war on women'........

What about Feng Jinmei?


I am sure there are some women who would identify themselves as 'republican' both in the partisan sense and in the ideological sense.

Can a woman have a dispute with herself?

When the police respond to a domestic violence call and find only a women with black eyes, bloody nose, and busted knuckles, who do they cite for the assault?

And what if she is a democRAT?

Do 'republicans' get blamed for Linsay Lohan's self mutilization?

This kind of feigned hysteria and artificial apolplexy gives real women a bad name.

Susan T.
Susan T5 years ago

If Humans are repressed, then the animal rights are sure to follow. We may not be allowed to even own dogs. ie: one cannot buy dog food with food stamps. That's just the first move.

Please, everyone, remember when you take rights away, you will loose your rights as well. That's what the Romans learned yesterday, today and tomorrow. You cannot enforce morality, it needs to be taught, then respect the rights of others. Just change the channel, if you don't like it, you don't have to do it.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Republicans = a War on families and women. Vote republicans out of office in every state at every opportunity.

Helpful Friend
christina webb5 years ago

Everyone dislikes Steve R. because?....he uses positives instead of negatives. Does your society care about you? No one thinks that an egg is a chicken either so what huh? Or how about this what comes first the baby or the mother? Or is that the chicken or the egg? Oh wait! no one here cares about animal rights either do they

Gayle R.
Gayle R5 years ago

Steve R.--You'd have a lot more fun on freerepublic.com, where people with the same mindset as you hang out. You'll be welcomed with open arms. Why don't you just mosey on over there, I guarantee you'll find a lot of fodder to keep your hate burning brightly and no one will ever bother you with any facts again.

Suzy D.
Reverend Suzy D5 years ago

In Canada I notice that since abortion has been legalised, abortions have actually dropped off in number. Why is the US dragging its heels ? OK, I know, it`s the looney Right Wingers !

Amanda M.
Amanda M5 years ago

And the anti-choicers continue to deny that they are waging a war on women!

Yeah. Right.

Marie Therese Hanulak

The pendulum is moving back TOWARDS THE DARK AGES!
Again, Religious nuts with no rhyme or reason are imposing their values on the rest of us.
Is there anything more harmful and evil than religion?
There are so many reasons for women to have the right to choose that I would not know where to start enumerating them.
Common sense is totally foreign to religious cretins.

Angela N.
Angela N5 years ago

thanks :)