Paul Supporter Who Stomped Activist’s Head Asking For Motion To Dismiss

Tim Profitt, the man who was seen on video detaining and stomping on the head of an anti-Rand Paul activist during a candidate debate late last fall, is attempting to have the assault charges against him dismissed.  Profitt claims he was just trying to keep his candidate safe.


A pretrial conference for Tim Profitt, a former Rand Paul supporter accused of stomping on a liberal activist, was postponed Tuesday after his attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case.

The motion says Profitt was justified in the use of force when subduing Lauren Valle, a activist who rushed toward Paul outside a debate to present him with a mock award.

According to Kentucky Revised Statutes, “a person is justified in the use of force in defense of a third person,” the motion says.

Is protecting a candidate from being approached by an activist really “defense of a third person?” and something that justifies grabbing a woman, throwing her to the ground and stomping on her head?

Profitt already made it clear that he considers the act to be totally appropriate, even going so far as to state last year that Valle owes him an apology for forcing him to attack her in the first place.

Valle suffered a concussion and a sprained shoulder as a result of the attack, and Profitt lost his position as coordinator for Rand Paul’s senate campaign.


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Photo by: wikimedia commons


Scheherazade B.
Scheherazade B.6 years ago

well she would have been dead to the right if she had shot him at that time. Now THAT is self defense by all US laws

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

where's the video??

Paxton R.
Paxton R6 years ago

Dismiss? Are you kidding? The request for dismissal and the stated argument should be grounds for summary judgment against this cretan as it makes his guilt clear and shows a total lack of remorse for what any reasonable person should know was just plain wrong.

ML E6 years ago

This guy is completely 'round the bend - HE deserves an apology because he felt he had to attack her? What planet did this lunatic drop in from? Obviously one where, good manners and civil discourse don't exist. Absolutely repugnant.

Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 6 years ago

Jail....big time!

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

I hope he gets whatever is coming to him----in spades!!

Alexandra O.
Alex O6 years ago

This kind of crap sends me over the edge. I'm gonna have to move to another country soon or I might do some head stomping myself - anyone know where Palin is at this week?

Isabelle L.
Isabelle Lacayo6 years ago

Tim Profitt is a terrible excuse for a human being and did quite literally what many men nowadays want to do and are trying to do to women -- STOMP on them, their rights, everything about them. In this case the victim suffered a concussion as well as other trauma. If there's justice, may he rot in jail.

John E.
John E6 years ago

I watched the video ... looked like assault to me ... but then maybe I'm missing something ...
Just recently an 11 year old who drew some silly stick figures was taken from school to the local police station in handcuffs !!
Obviously a dangerous li'l dude !! 11 years old !!
Lauren Valle didn't look very terrifying to me , but then again, I suppose you had to be there !
Actually, she was probably lucky that she wasn't shot !
Unbelievable !! Well ... not really ...

Claude H.
Claude Hines6 years ago

If the police - whose job it is to defend and protect - can be charged for the use of excessive force, so can this out-of-control civilian. I pray justice is done on behalf of his victim, her family, and the American public. Otherwise, we're all endangered.