Pay Your Student Loans Or Be Ready For The S.W.A.T Team?

According to News10 in California, Stockton resident Kenneth Wright had his door broken in by a S.W.A.T. team executing a search warrant in the early morning hours.  Wright claims both he and his children were terrorized by the intruding and unexpected police presence in their home, as the team searched their house for hours.

The reason?  The father claims it was over student loan delinquency.

The news report states that the Department of Education’s Inspector General confirms that they issued the search warrant and that they have agents permission to do this type of procedure.  They  were accompanied by one local police car and police officer as well, although local police have been quick to assure that they were not responsible for the actual breaking down of the door, nor did they conduct the search itself.  Police also state that Wright was never handcuffed.

The OIG also says that the issue was not student loan delinquency, but possible embezzlement or fraud involving loans or federal aid.

Education Department Press Secretary Justin Hamilton said in a statement to The Lookout that the department “does not execute search warrants for late loan payments.” He said the Office of the Inspector General “conducts about 30-35 search warrants a year on issues such as bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds.” Hamilton said the department cannot comment on this particular case until the investigation is over, but did add that the claim the warrant was executed for late loan payment is untrue.

Whether it was delinquency or fraud, one thing that seems clear – that so many people could envision that the federal government  sending a S.W.A.T. team to apprehend someone who defaulted on their loans shows the exact state of our trust in the government today.

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Jake B.
Past Member 2 years ago

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Debra Lay
Debra Lay2 years ago

I think that this situation is quite strange, as these people who can’t cover their student debt are too many. They have no possibility o make regular payment, but in my opinion it will be strange if all of them will get such visits. I think that this is a great problem of nowadays, as the government doesn’t take care of students and young graduates who have to pay so much money for education. It provides no appropriate work, making people check top UK payday sites to find goo financial options. But this will not change the situation in a long perspective.

Marjorie L.
Marjorie L6 years ago

I am glad you included information from the Office of the Inspector General as the headline made me believe that this was simply for nonpayment of a student loan. If there was a reasonable suspicion of fraud, a search warrant was applied for and approved, and this was the result.
I'm not saying our government is incapable of excess or abuse; but this doesn't really sound completely out bounds. I guess I would want to know more about the basis for their suspicion of fraud before I ventured a judgement as to whether or not this was appropriate police action. (There are a number of bankers and money managers who I would love to see get their doors broken down and their fraud investigated.....)

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

Holy moly that's harsh! Living in a police state?

Ann P.
A P6 years ago

This story seems very incomplete.

John Coleman
John Coleman6 years ago

I can't believe that one third of the people responding to the poll think sending SWAT team in to collect overdue student loans is both OK and a good use of government resources, The real solution is to get government out of the student loan business as well as SWAT teams except for pure law enforcement functions like the FBI, These agencies are way out of control and getting more so under this dictatorship of Obama.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

crazy, just crazy..... what kind of country are we living in again?

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago


Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Yeah I agree with John on this one....gotta watch those Amish gangs, they got a lot of kids hooked on that raw milk, just terrible....haha